Colorful Fantasy Tail Butt Plug 15.75 Inches Long
Colorful Fantasy Tail Butt Plug 15.75 Inches Long
Colorful Fantasy Tail Butt Plug 15.75 Inches Long

Experience pet play at its finest with this Colorful Fantasy Tail Butt Plug 15.75 Inches Long. Soft, fluffy, and thick, this tail will transform you into a ravishing vixen.

Enjoy the swishing movement of your tail as you wiggle your booty. Feel the gentle brush against your legs that will effectively make you horny. Fill your boudoir with passion as you get the petting you deserve from your master. Make him beg for more by flaunting your buttocks adorned with this beautiful tail.

The Colorful Fantasy Tail Plug is offered in three attractive color combinations: gray and white, white and pink, and white and blue. Whichever tail you choose, you’ll look stunning and irresistible. To keep your tail in place and make it look real, the tail is firmly attached to a metal plug with a diameter of 1.18 inches. Insert this plug into your bum, and your tail will never come off.

The butt plug is made of metal, which is non-porous for easy cleanup. It’s also great with any lube, but we hope you stay away from cheap brands to keep your delicate bum safe. To maintain the fluffiness of your tail, wash it in lukewarm water, not warm, with a mild shampoo. Hang to dry, then brush it as you would with your own hair.

Complete the ensemble by putting on animal ears, a collar, and a leash. You really don’t need a furry do to get yourself a tail as beautiful as the Colorful Tail Plug. Keeping one means adding flair to your collection of kinky toys. Sporting a tail makes you look awesome and sexy, and this is more than enough reason to hit the “Add to Cart” button.

Declare a hump day whenever you feel like wearing this tail!

Color Gray + White, White + Pink, White + Blue
Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Faux Fur

Plug:  Metal



Handle:  about 15.75”

Plug:  N/A


Handle:  N/A

Plug:  1.18”


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Colorful Fantasy Tail Butt Plug 15.75 Inches Long

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