Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls
Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls
Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls
Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls
Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

It's nice to explore your lover's body as you pay close attention to the erogenous parts. These kinds of activities are a significant part of sex. You can even level up the game and raise the bar high when you add sex toys to your erotic activities. Sex toys will elevate and introduce new sensations that you cannot achieve by traditional touching and caressing.

The Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls is a great way to explore new sensations and experience excellent sexual foreplay like no other. This fantastic toy is made of medical-grade silicone, a nonporous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe material to use even on the most delicate areas of the body. You are up for a treat choosing among the seven frequency vibrations! Experience various depths of pleasure as you slip this toy in your erotic spots and give it different levels of sexual sensations.

Additionally, you can also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with this fantastic toy. You can slightly push it inside your vagina and exert enough effort to tuck it in and keep it in place. This routine will tighten the vaginal walls and make it stronger. A well-maintained pelvic floor is crucial for you to ensure stronger sexual energy. You can finally say goodbye to laser treatments that cost a fortune. With the Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls, you will restore natural sexual energy at a fraction of the cost.

This product is available in two color variants: lavender, purple, and rosy pink. It is designed to reach the most sensitive areas of the vagina. To make sure that this toy is always safe and comfortable, make it a habit to wash this toy with a mild detergent and rinse it with lukewarm water on each use. Leave it to air-dry and store in a cool, dry place. So, what are you waiting for? Click the "Add to Cart" button and enjoy a blissful sexual experience.

Color Purple and Pink
Type  Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Ben Wa Ball (string) - 2.56 inches

Ben Wa Ball (insertable part)- 3.35 inches

Remote Control- 2.16 inches


Ben Wa Ball ( big ball )- 1.57 inches

Ben Wa Ball ( small ball)- 1.18 inches


Chic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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