Charming White Cat Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long


Feel the lush life and take a dive into the world of anal pleasure with our Charming White Cat Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long!  This particular plug has a very elegant synthetic fur that is attached to the base.  The white hue will add a little bit of niceness into your naughty, animalistic role playing!  It doesn't matter if you are a pro in anal stimulation, or just starting to discover the amazing pleasures of anal sex, this will be a nice addition to your sex toy collection. 

The plug itself is made of stainless steel, great material for the lusty heftiness in the ass with a nice smooth surface.  Steel is also the perfect medium for you to have a little temperature play!  Add a little chill or warmth into the plug and touch the sensitive areas of your partner to have stimulating foreplay you both will not forget!  You can also enjoy hands-free fun with the featured flared base of this plug.  You are sure that the toy is safely locked outside the ass even when the sexing becomes wild.

Butt plugs are versatile tools used in many ways.  One of its main purposes is to open up tight bums for good anal sex.  Of course, the ass can be a tricky hole to penetrate into, but with this toy, you will slowly widen the anal sphincter.  You can actually place the plug inside, then do a little sexual foreplay, after that you can then unplug the toy and fill your partner’s hole with your cock.  It will be a ready bum, wide and wet for you to thrust into!

The amazing part is that this plug doesn't care if you're a man, a woman or in between, you can happily stimulate your ass as long as you are using lots of lube!

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Handle:  White

Plug:  Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:  14.17 inches

Plug:   2.95 inches


Handle:  3.15 inches

Plug:  1.10 inches