Beautiful Black Horse Tail Butt Plug 21 Inches Long


Prepare your leather boots and black lingerie to get wickedly sexy with this Beautiful Black Horse Tail Butt Plug 21 Inches Long if you’re a SHE, but if you’re a HE, having this tail on you will make you a certified stallion.

This horsetail plug can double as a whip to punish a misbehaving, pain-loving partner. Each strand is made of rubber, which will inflict sweet pain when lashed on the legs or butt cheeks. But the real deal here is that it’s supposed to be worn as a tail to spice up the play behind closed doors. Yep! That’s right! Whether you’re a man or a woman, this will amp your sex appeal up a notch. The tail is approximately 16 inches long, and each rubber strand will certainly outlast synthetic fibers.

When you wear this one-of-a-kind horsetail, make sure to show it off with style and flair to impress your partner. If you’re into BDSM play, then be the pony and do everything that your master tells you. Sway your hips to make your tail swing with the rhythm of any raunchy beat you have chosen. Or gallop like a wild pony, telling your master that you need to be tamed first before you do whatever s/he desires.

Making our customers disappointed is not our thing, and we’ve proven that with the great quality of this toy. The plug, which is about 4” in length, is made of silicone, a hypoallergenic material that’s free from any harmful chemicals. As such, you can trust that it is safe to go in your bum to give you sensations that will always make you cum back for more!

This length is ideal for men because the plug can be used to stimulate the prostate gland. Prostate stimulation, as everybody knows, guarantees that elusive BIG O. Women can also enjoy getting penetrated through their vagina while their bum is full. The pressure inside will make the in-out motion more deliciously satisfying.

Buy yourself this fantastic toy and prance with delight!


Plug: Black

Tail: Blonde

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Rubber

Plug: Silicone



handle: about 1 inch

plug: about 4 inches


handle: NA

plug: NA