Anchor-Inspired Jeweled Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.58 Inches Long

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Step into the titillating and exciting world of anal sex play. Your butt has a lot of nerve endings that are just waiting to be explored. You might be surprised at the sensations that you will get from having anal sex. Experience these and more with our Anchor-Inspired Jeweled Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.58 Inches Long!

We introduce you to our plugs, which has three different sizes. If you don’t have any experience in the world of anal sex play, then choose the small size. If you have a bit of experience in anal sex, then choose our medium size. If you are an anal sex expert, we recommend that you get a large size. Whatever expertise that you have, we have the right size for you!

Each of our butt plugs is composed of two parts: the handle and the plug. Both of these parts are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Aluminum is an excellent material used in making sex toys because it is non-porous, safe for the body, and phthalates-free. In addition, this metal is lighter in weight than stainless steel for your convenience.

Our butt plug has a teardrop-shaped plug and has an anchor-shaped flared bottom base for your comfort and safety. This ensures that the plug will not be sucked in by your ass. With its smooth and shiny surface, the insertion of the plug in your ass is a breeze!

Are you into temperature play? Go ahead and test our jeweled butt plug into your preferred temperature all you want. Submerge it in hot water if you like it warm. Put the plug in the fridge if you wish it to be cold. It all depends on your mood for the session!

Go ahead and be amazed by ordering our Anchor-Inspired Jeweled Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.58 Inches Long today!
Color Silver with different colored Rhinestone
Type Jeweled Plugs

Handle: Aluminum Alloy

Plug: Aluminum Alloy



handle: 0.39 inches (Small, Medium, Large)

plug: 2.36 inches (Small) 2.76 inches (Medium) 3.19 inches (Large)


handle: 2.13 inches (Small, Medium, Large)

plug: 1.10 inches (Small) 1.34 inches (Medium) 1.57 inches (Large)