6-Speed Futuristic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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Jump on the bandwagon and have no regrets with the 6-Speed Futuristic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls. This sex toy is the latest craze when it comes to reinvigorating your sexual energy and experience. It has a lengthy history of use by ancient Chinese royal women in preserving and relinquishing their sexual appetite. It is the perfect approach to rediscovering your sexuality and bring back the spark to your intimate moments.

These waterproof Ben Wa Balls are made from high-quality medical silicone, which makes this toy safe even in the most delicate regions of the body. This toy can be used as an erotic vibrator which you can slip in any sensitive body parts. The balls will surprise you with new sensations you never thought were possible. It has a separate remote control that works within a maximum distance of twenty meters. With the remote device, your partner can choose the vibration intensity for you as you squeal in pure pleasure while you enjoy any of the six-speed vibration modes.

These bullet-shaped Ben Wa Balls measure 3.54 x 1.57 x 1.46 inches and a fantastic addition to your Kegel routine. Gently slide the balls inside the vagina and tuck it in using your pelvic floor muscles. This action will make your pelvic floor muscle stronger when done regularly. A well-toned pelvic muscle is necessary when you want to restore the vagina's elasticity even after giving birth. It is also crucial in supporting urinary incontinence as well as proper breathing.

Before you explore yourself with this toy, start with clean hands as well as an adequately washed toy. Wash it with a mild detergent and rinse with lukewarm water. Once you've cleaned the toy, lie down on your back and use a generous amount of water-soluble lubricant to make the insertion easy for you. Breathe in and out as you lightly slip the toy in using your finger. The erotic heaviness of the toy itself will bring you unusual sensations like never before. Don't get left behind in trying the best toy in the market! Grab the 6-Speed Futuristic Remote Control Ben Wa Balls and moan over total pleasure like never before!

Color Pink
Type  Ben Wa Balls
Material SIlicone
Dimensions (in.)


Vibrator (insertable part)- 3.34 inches

Remote Control- 2.95 inches


Vibrator- 1.57 inches

Remote Control-.79 inch