Tenga Eggs

Tenga Eggs

Using your hands to stroke your dick is wonderful, but there is an exciting world of masturbatory aids that you might be missing out on. This article will introduce you to exciting and discrete mini masturbators and their most selling representatives Tenga Eggs.

What Are Tenga Eggs?

Tenga eggs are a popular male masturbation toy that has revolutionized the way people perceive and enjoy male masturbators. With their slick design and distinctive texture, they have swept across the globe and made many singles and couples happy. While you’re beating your meat, cracking one of these eggs will spice up your pleasure.

When browsing for sex toys, newcomers might feel intimidated with all the features and strange designs ou there. As a result, they drop the search out of shame or fear. But worry not! Enters Tenga — a Japanese sex toy company!

The concept of Tenga Inc. has always been to make masturbatory aids that had a joyful and functional design. The twist is that they emphasize the aspect of “toy” in sex toys.

Tenga Eggs are pocket-sized, discrete, and easy to use. But more importantly, they look fun.

Tenga eggs come in various colors and patterns, so they appear like they might have dropped out of an Easter-bunny’s basket. However, they are not so flamboyant solely for decorative purposes. Each colored egg has a name, and the pattern on packaging corresponds to a unique texture within. The blue Wavy gives different sensations than the pink Stepper, giving your me-time some colorful variety.

Tenga Eggs can be bought individually or in a pack of six, modeled after an egg carton. The package option is cheaper, and it offers more opportunities to explore.

Types of Mini Masturbators

Mini masturbators are masturbatory aids that are small and discrete. They tend to be smaller than your average fleshlight. These sex toys fit in your hand, and you can keep them in your pocket without drawing much attention. They are fantastic for traveling and carrying them around, and they are easy to stash.

Larger masturbatory aids concentrate on providing their users with a genuine sensation of vaginal or anal penetration. Mini masturbators can’t emulate the experience 100%, but they can come close, and they provide the stimulation you wouldn’t feel otherwise.

Most popular mini masturbators are Tenga Eggs, and they fall under the category of sleeves. The name is given because they coat your penis like a sleeve. The principle is similar to a condom — you slide it over your penis, but with far more pleasurable effects.

Then, there are cup models. They usually look like a deodorant stick. You open a lid, and a hole awaits for some fun time. Particular models may even have an anatomically correct opening for an artificial vagina, anus, or mouth. Usually, these are there for esthetic reasons.

The development of mini masturbators continues, and now, people discover new orgasmic heights with products like Tenga Flip Hole or Tenga Orb, and more are sure to come.

Tenga Eggs

The Tenga company has diversified its product offer, but these lovely eggs are still their pride and your joy. From their first batch of Tenga Eggs, the company has made several new ones and special lines for guys who want something extra.

Easy Beat Egg Carton is the original bunch. They are the best Tenga Eggs for beginners. In this package, you will get classics such as Twister, Stepper, Silky, Spider, Clicker, and Wavy. They are perfect for people who are just starting to play with these.

Nowadays, the company has approximately two dozen types of Tenga Eggs. They have expanded the Easy Beat collection by adding eggs that upgrade on the existing pattern. For example, Tornado is an altered version of Twister. Other models provide new sensations like Thunder, Shiny, and so on.

When you feel you have become an experienced mini-masturbator user, you can get more adventurous with the Hard-Boiled pack. It’s made from a harder material, and its stimulation is more extreme. However, it might not be comfortable for beginners.

You can also discover eggs with zany designs of the Keith Haring edition. These toys have a quirky pattern emulating the artist’s work. There is also the Cool edition, which offers eggs with a cooling effect lubricant.

Juicy Mini Masturbators

Juicy Mini Masturbators by Topco are also sleeve-type masturbators with an elegant and cheerful design. However, unlike Tenga Eggs, they follow a fruity theme. They are similar to Tenga Eggs, but if you want to try something different in the same line, try them out.

You can buy them individually or in a pack which resembles a fruit bag that you’ll find in a local store. There are about six versions of them, and they are called after fruit. So you’ll find models like Pear, Orange, Raspberry, Grape, and so on.

Each model has its unique pattern, which is displayed on the sleeve. You don’t have to bang your head on how to use mini masturbators. All you have to do is open the packaging, and inside, you’ll find the sleeve with a lubricant., which is usually taped to the packaging. You pour the lube in the sleeve hole, and you’re ready to wank.

Juicy Mini Masturbators are made from a bit harder material than Tenga Eggs. However, it’s still light and has a synthetic smell. They are not scented like fruit, and they don’t taste like fruit... So don’t try it.

They can also provide you with Hot and Spicy lubricant, which gives you a warm sensation while masturbating. Not all models have it; usually, you get a standard lubricant.


Tenga 3D toy is the closest to the Tenga Egg concept. It’s somewhere in-between a sleeve toy and a fleshlight. You get a textured cylinder of elastic material, which you turn inside out. The outer area becomes the stimulating inner part. You lube it up, and you are ready to go. Once you finish, you turn it back, and it’s easy to clean and reuse.

Cups are also popular male masturbation toys. The elastic material is inside a plastic container that you use while masturbating. These also need lubrication, but they have an interesting feature in the form of an air hole at the top. You can press it to achieve a sucking sensation. There are several variations of cups — double holed for couples, or with swirls, which are adaptable for twisting movements, etc.

Tenga Flip Hole is the newest addition to Tenga sex toys, and it is called the future of masturbation. Its design is elegant and minimalistic and comes in black, white, and gray.

The structure of the stimulatory insides has several forms, all of which affect the nerve endings of your penis differently. The ability to squeeze the flip hole enables you to control the pressure at various points of your dick. Finally, this product is extremely easy to wash. You just open it and rinse it.

How to Use Tenga Eggs

One of the best pros of Tenga Eggs is that using them is straightforward and safe. Just follow the instructions, and you can’t go wrong.


Like with an ordinary egg, you start by opening it. First, you peel the outer packaging — the one that gives it a cheerful look. Then, you separate the casing and find the actual part you use for masturbation — the sleeve in a gelatinous squishy egg shape.

Take the jiggly white sleeve, and you’ll notice a plastic plug stuck inside of it. Pull it out, and you’ll get a finger-shaped container that holds a small bag of lube and the instructions. Pour the lube into the sleeve hole. Squeeze it gently a couple of times so that the lubricant distributes evenly, and you are ready to go!

The additional plus of this product is that it is self-sufficient, as it provides you with the necessary lube. However, if you prefer a specific brand of lubricant, feel free to use your own. If you do decide to use the same egg several times, you’ll need extra lubricant for those wanks. It is generally not advisable to go dry.

Just to be on the safe side — wash your hands before masturbating with a Tenga Egg. Furthermore, while handling the squishy part of the egg, don’t leave it on unclean surfaces. The material is porous, and if it is taken care of correctly, it could harbor bacterias.

The Main Event

Now to the best part! Put the tip of your penis into the hole and, while applying small amounts of pressure, stroke it down your dick head. The elasticity of the material helps the toy work even when you’re in half wood. That means you don’t have to wait for a full hard-on to start your session.

You can play it safe your first time and just do your regular jerk-off ritual. You can stretch the egg entirely down your shaft, but that’s not the best use of the toy. Small hand movements that concentrate on the head of your dick are the best way to masturbate. That prevents overstretching and makes the egg reusable, at least for several wanks.

Once you’ve got the feel of the toy with your usual masturbation movements, it’s time for something new. Try experimenting, and discover how you can utilize Tenga textures more pleasurably. A bland technique for one egg can be mind-blowing for the other. Play with your fingers, twist your hand, change directions, employ wrist movements. Be creative.

What Do Tenga Eggs Feel Like?

The big question for the majority of sex toys is how close they get to the real thing. Well, when it comes to a Tenga Egg, it doesn’t just replicate your familiar experience; it provides new ones. It is not just a masturbation aid — this sex toy can give you original sensations!

What Dreams Are Made Of

Tenga Egg is made from thermoplastic elastomer, which is a highly elastic and stretchable material, all the while not breaking its shape. That helps the product fit any penis size, so no matter how huge or you are or otherwise, it will adapt to your needs. It won’t be tight or loose — one size fits all.

The high elasticity of the material means you don’t need much effort or strength. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t squeeze too hard, as the force could negate the sensations the inside textures give. In this case, less is more.

When opening a Tenga Egg for the first time, you’ll notice that the material emits a slight synthetic scent. It’s all safe, and you will get used to it. Another thing is that the combination of the elastic material, lube, and jerking off can produce a faint “churning sound” — something to consider if you’re not in perfect privacy.

Feel the Love

So what’s the big deal with those Tenga Egg textures? Even though you have a graphic representation of it on the packaging, you can turn the squishy egg inside out and discover what actually stimulates your penis. Those ridges, lumps, and protrusions hit the sweet spots and put the fun in funtastic orgasm.

The spherical ones like light blue Wavy and beige Silky give out the most natural feel. Wavy is similar to a BJ experience, and Silky feels a lot like a vagina. Don’t let the name of the Spider freak you out. Its texture is like a web, hence the name, and it is pretty decent — a solid choice for your first time. And if you want something light, the pink Stepper is the mildest one.

A unique Tenga Egg experience comes with models like the green Clicker. You get several tiny nobs massaging your dick head. Go gently with this one. More interestingly, orange Twister is an excellent surprise. It stimulates all the spots simultaneously in ways you couldn’t feel otherwise.

If you buy the variety pack, which contains six types of eggs, you can discover what works best for you, and be sure to try out different hand techniques! Your masturbation session doesn’t have to include only one model. Start with something stimulating like Clicker, and then change to Silky or Twister for the grand finale!

Benefits of Using Tenga Eggs

Masturbation is not only a highly pleasurable activity, but it is good for you both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, many cultures enforce taboos on masturbation, and this catches on early. Don’t play with yourself; you’ll go blind, or you’ll grow hair on your palms. Forget these backward concepts and give your captain a good shake!

Hormonal Cocktail of Happiness

The health benefits of jerking off are numerous. Primarily, after a good old handheld orgasm, your body releases a cocktail of hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and others. All of these can do wonders for you.

The above-mentioned hormonal trio regulates feelings of happiness, among others. That means your hand solo session will lighten up your spirits naturally, without any mood enhancers.

It will also help you relax. If you’re having a stressful period, a good wank can help soothe your nerves. General relaxation can also help if you have insomnia. Playing with your hand-man will invite Mr. Sandman!

The combination of feel-good and relaxation hormones can lower your muscle tension and even alleviate pain. So it’s an excellent idea to try it out when you have a headache or you’re stiff, but not in a good way.

Blood Rush

Orgasms increase blood flow, foremost to your penis. Though we call it a boner, erection means that blood-vessel structures are engorged with blood. Thus, when you massage your dick while masturbating, you’re helping it. By enhancing circulation, you decrease health risks and the likelihood of getting erectile dysfunction.

While you’re masturbating, your heart pumps faster, so your better blood flow affects your whole body. In essence, it can invigorate your other organs and skin. That faint blush can later make your skin clearer, acne-free, and shiny.


Regular masturbation can also prevent health risks. Your testicles produce sperm, which your organism needs to ejaculate out of your system, and it will find a way. When not masturbating, you increase your chances of wet dreams.

Waking up covered in your cum is not the biggest problem of abstinence. If not discharged for longer periods, seminal fluid can build up in your scrotum. That can cause infections and swelling, and later, lead to serious medical problems. Wank a day keeps the doctor away.

Health is not the only plus side of masturbation. It is also an exciting activity through which you can discover yourself. Find out what you like and what makes you happy. By discovering your desires and proclivities, you get closer to better sexual performance and better orgasms.

Can You Reuse Tenga Eggs?

Tenga Eggs were designed as a one-use-only product. However, the majority of people reuse a single egg several times. If you do decide to practice reusing these toys, there are several things to keep in mind.

You’ll rarely get more than several uses — on average, 4–5 tops. This number mostly depends on how you use the egg. If you overstretch it, squeeze it a lot, and the masturbation session lasts long, the number of uses decreases. Be gentle and careful with it, and you’ll get multiple wanks with it.

By design, when masturbating with a Tenga Egg, your happy ending is going to end up inside of the toy. Immediately after jerking off, tend to the toy. Be sure to wash it thoroughly with hot water and preferably antibacterial soap. You should turn it inside out so you could rinse it better.

Dry it well with a towel or a hairdryer. There shouldn’t be any residual liquids, as the material is porous, and all the nooks are ideal for bacteria to populate. Once the egg is clean and dry, put it back in its casing. Store it in a place that’s not overly hot — room temperature is perfectly fine.

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