Monster Dildos

Embrace the primal side of pleasure with a monster dildo. These fantasy dildos mimic the cocks of savage beasts and dark demons for any with a taste for the forbidden. Show yourself no mercy with dildos packed full of intense textures, tentacled suckers , and alien designs.

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Buy a monster dildo that belongs to fierce creatures and mythological beasts, and has all the terrifying presence associated with such fearsome beings. Monster cocks make for an extreme dildo with huge width and length, and have intense features such as barbs, spikes, or miss-happen shapes that would look at place on werewolves, dragons, dinosaurs, or tentacled hydras and krakens.

Teratophilia, or a fetish for monsters, was first recorded by the ancient greeks, and in modern times, monster dildos were designed to resemble creatures of legend. If the fantasy of being hunted down and overpowered by a rabid beast turns you on, there are many types of monster dildos to suit your specific monster kink.
  • Dragon: Majestic and huge, a dragon dildo has bright colors, a curved shape, and a scale-like ribbed texture.
  • Werewolf: Dog dildos mix with men to create werewolf dildos, with blood-red color, soft texture, and huge, knotted bulges. Hellhound dildos are similar but with intense, fiery patterns.
  • Tentacle: A mainstay of hentai, the popular tentacle fetish has seen soft, long, and writhing tentacle dildos created. From the mythical Kraken and Hydra to the Loch Ness, get your pleasure from a sea monster.
  • Roman And Greek Mythology: Minotaurs, Medusa, Chimera, and Centaurs have all found their place in the monster kink, with realistic cocks being crafted to mimic each of them and many more.
  • Alien: If you’ve always preferred sci-fi over fantasy, an alien dildo can fulfill your kink with extra-terrestrial designs, like the famous Xenomorph and egg-laying ovipositors .
  • Demon: Find punishment for your sinful lust at the hands of a dark demon dildo, imbued with the fires of hell and sent to tempt you by Lucifer himself.

Frequently Asked Questions On Monster Dildos

Why Choose Monster Dildos Over Regular Ones?

The psychological impact of seeing a huge, veiny, and dangerous monster cock is a huge turn-on for any with a monster kink. Even if you aren’t into teratophilia, monster dildos' unique shape, huge size, and distinctive feel make them popular among size lovers.

How Can I Choose A Body-Safe Monster Dildo?

Choose one made from medical-grade silicone or borosilicate glass. Most monster cock dildos are made of soft silicone, and Lovegasm ensures only body-safe materials are used with high-quality non-porous surfaces and are toxin free.

Are Monster Dildos Only For Anal Play?

While some prefer huge monster dildos for anal play, they are also suitable for vaginal penetration. Monster sex toys feature bulges, ribs, or other shapes that are designed to stimulate the prostate in men, or G-spot in women.

Are Monster Dildos Always Large?

Many are, to better copy the fierce temperament of the beasts they resemble, but there are smaller sizes available to accommodate those with a monster fetish but prefer a small dildo .

How To Clean A Monster Dildo?

As most are made of silicone, gentle scrubbing with warm soapy water and a rinse, before and after every use, is enough to clean and maintain your dildo . If you chose glass, then you can also put it in your dishwasher or boil it.

Is silicone the only safe dildo material?

Medical-grade silicone is the only completely body-safe soft dildo material, and it is completely hypoallergenic. Other soft materials like PVC and TPR/TPE may, or may not, have a non-porous surface depending on the manufacturing standards, but they do contain harmful chemicals including phthalates, so a condom to cover them is recommended. Glass dildos are a safe firm alternative, and stainless steel is also used to create safe dildos.

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