Ovipositor: Egg Laying Dildos

What’s the strangest thing that’s ever turned you on? What’s the strangest fetish you’ve ever heard of? Thought of one?
Well I bet it’s not as weird as the “alien egg fetish”.
Yup, you read that right. Today we’re talking about oviposition and ovipositor dildos. These “interesting” toys allow your to explore a unique fetish by using an egg laying dildo to impregnate yourself with the spawn of any creature you can imagine!

Welcome to the Fetish of Laying Eggs

So. The egg laying fetish, not to be confused with egg vibrators. Well if you haven’t left the page yet, then you’re either fascinated, confused, or if you’ve already heard of it, maybe you’re just turned on.
Well, let’s demystify this strange and sometimes shocking fetish.
Have you ever watched a film with a fantasy creature or alien in it that you’ve found attractive? I’m sure we all have, and the blue aliens from Avatar are probably one of the most recent examples of this. While humanoid, these aliens aren’t completely human but still look sexy (to some people at least).
Similarly, if you’ve ever spent much time watching porn, you might have discovered various animated films that explore sex with aliens, tentacles, beasts and creatures. You can even find monster dildos and fantasy dildos that take on the characteristics or these different creatures. Again, to some, this is a massive turn on.
Well in much of this media, a big part of the turn on is that the alien or creature uses a person as a place to lay their eggs. Then usually, later in the film, the eggs hatch and the human either has creatures coming out of their body, or become a strange human-alien hybrid.
Luckily the fetish doesn’t take it quite that far.
But, this is the core of the egg-laying fetish. Bringing the hentai fantasies and sci-fi storylines into reality, and depositing real, touchable eggs into your body.
Sounds great, right?

What Is an Ovipositor Dildo and How Do They Work?

Alright, if you’re still with us then you’re definitely horrified or turned on, so lets talk Ovipositors.

ovipositor dildos and eggs
These aren’t just fantasy creations, ovipositors exist in the real world. Put simply, they are a “specialized organ for depositing eggs”, and most commonly found on insects or fish.
In our fantasies though, they basically look like penises (because why wouldn’t they?) and commonly match the other attributes you’d associate with aliens or other creatures (like fluorescent colors or bulbous growths).
Naturally then, an ovipositor dildo is a dildo that looks like these alien penises, and can accommodate and lay eggs inside your body.
Unlike other dildos, ovipositors are hollow, which lets you put eggs into the bottom. Then you can ride it like normal, but when you squeeze the shaft the eggs will pop out the top and complete the egg laying fantasy.
I bet you can’t wait to try it yourself!

How Do You Use an Ovipositor?

Let’s keep things simple now, I’m sure you can imagine this process in more detail yourself.
  1. Insert the eggs into the Ovipositor.
  2. Insert the Ovipositor into your opening of choice, just like you would any other dildo.
  3. Enjoy yourself for as long as you want.
  4. Squeeze the shaft to push the egg up the dildo and out of the opening, depositing it into your body.
  5. If you’re using silicone eggs, take them out. Don’t jus leave them there. That would be even weirder.
That’s really all there is to it. So feel free to go and try it yourself now, if you really want to.

Homemade and Store-Bought Eggs

Oh, you really do want to try it? Okay, well you’re gonna need eggs. Not the kind you get from the store. These need to be special eggs.
I’ll repeat it for those of you who weren’t listening. Don’t use chicken eggs! They’ll crack inside your body, and then you’ll have a whole different kind of mess inside you.
Alright, so Ovipositor eggs. You can either buy them, or make them.
Buying them is simpler. Not only does it take the hard work out of the process, but you can find a load of different kind of eggs to try out. Some are smooth, some are round, and some look like they just arrived from a distant solar system. Whatever floats your boat I guess…
Making them is a little more complicated. You’ll need an egg mold and gelatin (NOT JELLO). Make sure it’s unflavored and doesn’t have sugar in it.
Make your gelatin mixture following whatever instructions are on the packaging carefully, then pour it in your mold. Wait for it to set, and get ready for the ride of your life!

Oviposition Tips

So you’re actually gonna try this, huh? Well, here’s some tips:
  • Use lube. On the dildo, in the dildo, in your body, on the eggs. Yeah, loads of it. Lube really helps.
  • Take your time. Handling the ovipositor can take some practise, so don’t be put off if it doesn’t go the way you imagined on your first try.
  • If you’re going for anal impregnation, make sure you use gelatin eggs. They’ll dissolve after use so if you can’t get it out it’s not a huge problem. Silicone eggs will just stay in there until you can remove them.
  • Take silicone eggs out after use.
  • Make sure to clean your ovipositor thoroughly, inside and out, after use. Dry it too, you don’t want the inside going moldy.
  • Use lube. No seriously, use lube.
Well, I guess you’re off to impregnate yourself now with some alien babies. Enjoy yourself! Just don’t send me any pictures… please?

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