Princess Butt Plugs

Anyone who's royalty deserves to be treated with all the luxuries in life. Give your backdoor the best treatment you could ever have with our princess butt plugs!

These anal toys have all the splendor that you'll ever need to fill your nights with all the magical moments. But before that magic happens, you need to make sure that your tools to success are reliable and can take on any adventure with you.

Even though they look dainty and fragile, these anal sex toys are built with some of the sturdiest materials available. How you want your experience to be all depends on you.

We recommend beginners to start slow and steady by purchasing a princess plug that's made from silicone. But this is not just any kind. It's medical-grade, which means it has the same quality as the ones hospitals use for their medical equipment. That feature in itself says a lot about quality.

Besides that, each of our princess butt plugs also underwent a series of strict quality control processes to ensure that each one is guaranteed and tested body-safe and hypoallergenic. To top that all off, our team also made sure that it doesn't contain any traces of harmful components such as latex and BPAs.

Since they conform to your body's natural curves, silicone princess butt plugs are flexible and even soft on the skin. If you want to pair it with your favorite lubricant, make sure that it's a water-based formula. This will make sure that the lube's chemicals won't react to the princess plug and cause damage and corrosion.

Are you ready to be appointed to the higher-order? Congratulations! You're qualified to use any of the stainless steel variants! Like it's silicone sisters, our stainless steel princess butt plugs also been tested to make sure that they're not hiding any tricks under their armor. This kind of princess plug also doesn't have any signs of lead and phthalates hanging around, so you're safe and sound - except when it's time to take it in there.

Unlike silicone, stainless steel princess butt plugs don’t show any kind of mercy and will never adjust in any way. It's the perfect sex toy to use for those who want to be dominated and controlled. Since this is metal, you can use any kind of formula for your lubricant. No restrictions.

A stainless steel princess butt plug gives you even more ways to enjoy the feeling. With this material, you can finally set the mood to how you've always wanted things to be. Simply submerge the princess butt plug under cold or hot water for a minute or two to let it absorb the temperature. Now, THIS is luxury at its kinkiest.

Our princess butt plugs are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes to cater to your needs and preferences. If you want to retire from the usual teardrop shape, then there are plenty of different styles of princess plug that you can experiment with. The sky's the limit with this collection!

Who needs a knight in shining armor when you've got everything that you need right in this collection of Princess Butt Plugs? Pick your crowning jewel now!

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