Expanding Butt Plugs

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Expanding Butt Plugs (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Anal play and anal stretching are like any other game out there. Oh, you don’t follow? Well, like any other game, most of us are aiming to level up the experience.

Gone are the days when any anal sex toy would do the trick. As you swim deeper into the sensual waters of ass play, you’ll see the unavoidable truth — sooner rather than later, your ass becomes insatiable. It keeps asking for more exciting, bigger sex toys that will stretch the anus just the way you need it.

Just admit it, that’s why you’re out here, Googling “expanding butt plug,” right? It looks scary, even to some veterans. More importantly, it’s a venture into the unknown and (potentially) painful land of gaping.

Well, don’t worry. We have the 411 on the perfect anal stretcher — the expanding anal toy.

What Is an Expanding Anal Plug?

Expanding anal toys aren’t something that pops into everyone’s heads when they think of anal play. Sex pleasure comes in many forms, but people, especially novices in the world of anal play, are most likely not too keen on having something shoved up their asses and then enlarged, right?

The Perfect Anal Spreader

Oh, how wrong they are. Although slightly different in appearance and features than standard anal toys, expanding toys offer something that not many others can. They are unpredictable (for the first couple of uses), exciting, and different. Most importantly, they provide the necessary feeling of stretching and fullness.

Now some might say, “But I don’t want my asshole stretched!” Well, in the spirit of sex-positivity, we think that’s perfectly fine. However, if the idea intrigues you, and you’ve already gone through an anal trainer kit or two while chasing that perfect burning sensation that leads to immense pleasure, you might be the ideal candidate for anchor anal toys.

Just ask any bottom out there! Men and women alike will tell you that you haven’t felt all the joys of anal play until you’ve had a stretched asshole.

Know the Differences Between Different High-Quality Anal Toys

Many people confuse an expanding anal toy with an inflatable butt plug. However, these are two wildly different types of toys. Although both of these feel amazing, they provide different sensations. What’s more, they operate in different ways.

While you inflate an inflatable butt plug (manually or automatically), its expanding counterpart is more of a “catch and release” type of a toy. An inflatable toy allows you to work your way up to a specific stretch level gradually. An expanding one simply spreads you open, and that’s it.

Don’t worry — that doesn’t happen abruptly. However, you can’t exactly stop the stretch and take a breath or two. You gotta be all in.

Sounds Great — But How Do Expanding Butt Plugs Actually Work?

Imagine your pucker as the delicate flower it is. It’s rosy, fresh, maybe even virginal. It’s squeezed up in a beautiful wink, simply waiting to be breached.

Now imagine another similar flowery bulb that’s just waiting to be stretched and expanded. However, first, it must find the perfect place to spread its petals wide. Ah, a match made in heaven!

Romantic descriptions aside, an expanding anal plug does look like little flowers just waiting to be nestled in your asshole. Unlike other toys, these don’t have a solid bulb shape. Instead, they have a petal design that allows you to gather the petals together, gently nudge the plug where it should go, and then release it and let the leaves roam the glorious roads of your inner walls.

Of course, all of this needs to happen with lots of water-based lube. These anal toys might look like delicate flowers, but they will hurt you if you try to shove them in dry.

What Makes An Expanding Anal Plug So Special?

Here’s the thing. When you have a plug inside of yourself, you can move it around, twist it a bit, and aim it at those unique places on your inner walls that make you tingle with excitement. But, with an expanding plug, the toy does that for you.

In fact, due to its design, the expanding anal plug can reach places that you didn’t even know existed! Furthermore, because the petals expand, they rub against all those heavenly places and put just the right amount of pressure on them.

Many people find expanding anal toys the perfect choice because they offer many different sensations. First of all, they fill you up nicely. Even those who used a training kit or set to stretch themselves will feel the tight fit of the toys.

However, that’s not even the best part! Expanding toys can also provide a pulsating sensation. Once the little petals (or arms, but we’ll talk more about that later) spread, they stay like that. But, you can move them back together by clenching your anus. That provides a much fuller throbbing sensation than it does with regular toys.

Various Types of Expanding Anal Plug

If you’re sold on the idea of stretching your anus with one of these bad boys, know that they come in several different shapes. Some only have two petals and thus look like Pacman, who’s just about to eat a power cookie. Others have more leaves and resemble a flower more than an ’80s game character. Either way, no matter the design, the effect is the same.

Of course, more petals mean that your entire inner rectal area will feel not only the stretch but also the gentle caress of the plug. However, that only matters when you also consider the plug’s size.

Apart from average-sized or large ones, there are, of course, tiny ones that are perfect for those who are just starting out. But some have around 3 inches in diameter when not expanded.

So, you know, something for everyone.

Pay Attention to the Materials

Most expanding toys are medical-grade silicone. Given that they expand, silicone allows all the folds to be smooth. Also, this type of material has no ridges or anything that can get caught and be potentially hurtful.

Of course, not all expanding toys are silicone. There are metal toys out there on the market that usually come with a lock and key. Aside from being metal, they are also semi-automatic. You don’t have to manually gather the petals and then let them spread in your rectum. The lock and key mechanism do that for you, and you can do it after the plug is inside of you or after it’s merely penetrated you.

A Few Parting Words

Thanks to the wonderfully expanding world of sex toys, we can always push ourselves further. More importantly, we can explore all our urges and kinks. Expanding butt plugs are just one example of great ingenuity on the market and a perfect product for all of us who love to push limits and explore beyond the comfort zone.

Expanding toys are an ideal way to stretch yourself just for the sake of it, or prep yourself for something bigger that’s yet to come. Use it for training, masturbation, foreplay, punishments — the options are abundant — but get one now and discover what the world looks like with a thoroughly stretched asshole!
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