Anal Beads

Anal beads are the perfect anal training toy for beginners looking to explore backdoor pleasure. Made of steel, glass or soft silicone, they're formed of small balls on a string which progressively get bigger. Inserting the first bead offers that much desired "popping" sensation, with every next bead growing more intense as the beads get bigger.

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Anal beads are for everyone. Whether you’re a man or a woman, have some experience or want to test your sphincter muscles for the first time. This exciting toy will spice up any erotic game you want to play. Dive deep into the world of anal beads and begin your exploration.

What Are Anal Beads?

As another toy that you insert into your butt, anal beads are closely related to butt plugs. Rather than a single bulb though, anal beads are a series of beads strung together on either a thread or thin wand. Each set has a “stopper ring” at the end, which stops them getting stuck in your anus, and makes it easier to pull them out.

Beads can come in a variety of sizes and be made with different materials, which changes your experience. Some sets include both big and small spheres, arranged from smallest to biggest and vice versa. Other sets include beads that are all the same or similar sizes. So pick carefully depending on your experience levels.

The materials you’ll commonly see are silicone, metal and glass. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, so think carefully about which you want to use. For beginners, we usually recommend a small silicone wand, as these will give you the easiest and most comfortable experience.

Why Do Anal Beads Feel So Great?

We know butts are some people’s erogenous zones. That’s why any type of anal play feels good to them. But really, what do anal beads feel like?

Unlike other anal toys which provide constant pressure against your nerves, beads are intended to be inserted and removed just like a dildo. As each bead enters your butt, you’ll feel your sphincter being pushed open. When it’s fully inside, the muscles pop closed again, gripping onto the wand or string.

This repeated feeling of opening and closing is usually described as a popping sensation, and is the main way sets of beads can provide pleasure. You can combine them with any other sexual play to add additional pleasure to any kind of sex you already enjoy.

How To Use Anal Beads?

It shouldn’t take long to figure out how you’re supposed to use your anal beads, and aside from the basic insertion and removal, you can use them however you see fit. Whether that’s with a partner or alone, this sex toy will improve your sex life. What’s most important, as with any anal toy, is to start small, use a lot of water-based lube, and keep your toys properly cleaned. Doing so will prevent any rectal injuries, strains, and complications.

Insert them one by one into your anus. Take your time and go as far as you feel comfortable. After that, it’s all a matter of when the right time to pull them out is. Again, it’s all your call. But we suggest you pull them out right before you climax. That way, your orgasm will be stronger. We are talking about the type of orgasm to send a shiver down your spine.


Anal beads are a simple, easy to use addition to anyone’s collection of toys. Find your ideal set now in Lovegam’s collection of pleasurable beads.
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