Glass Anal Beads

Are you craving for a new taste of anal stim? Do you want to play with rigid toys for a change? Well, these glass beads will not only give your anal play a new twist, but they'll also make an alluring addition to your sex toy repertoire.

As you already know, the toe-curling sensations of ball-shaped objects passing through the narrow sphincter of your anus can amplify orgasm. But if the skin-like surface of silicone toys is starting to feel a little too familiar, then it's time to venture with new materials. And if it's an adventure you want, it's an adventure you'll get, because these glass beads can give you sensations you'll never forget. But before we get deep into those details, let's first figure out why these glass beads are suitable for you.

It might take you by surprise, but these crystal-like toys are not as fragile as they look - not unless you intentionally dropped them, of course. These unyielding pleasure tools are sturdy and compact. They are non-porous and will not harbor any infection-causing bacteria. Additionally, they are also compatible with any lubricant.

When it comes to sanitation, you have lots of choices. You can sanitize a glass toy using warm soapy water, sex toy cleaner, or submerging it under boiling water. Some even leave it in the dishwasher for hassle-free sterilization.

The glass beads in this collection are meticulously polished to perfection to avoid any discomfort or tearing during penetration. We have anal glass beads of all colors, shapes, and sizes, and all of them look captivating and bewitching. But what you'll probably love the most about these glass anal toys is that they can quickly absorb temperature. Your ass will take delight as these beads give you warm or chilly orgasmic pleasure.

For some, temperature play may seem extreme, but it's simple to do yet very rewarding. If you fancy frosty sensations in your bum, you can leave your glass toy in the fridge for a few minutes. You can also leave it under a bowl of ice cubes before your session starts. However, if you're up for some warm titillation in your rectum, all you need to do is submerge it under a pot of hot water. If you have more than one glass toy, you can use them interchangeably and experience one temperature after the other. For sure, that's one orgasmic trip you'll often revisit.

Combine all of these features with this collection's ass-popping designs, and you'll experience gratification that will make you feel alive. With these beads filling your backdoor, you can play solo with your other sex toys during masturbation. But if you intend to make foreplay more thrilling, these beads will make it extra-exciting. Moreover, combining anal play with vaginal penetration can make sex more stimulating for both parties. And as a cherry on top, you or your partner can start pulling out these beads before an orgasmic pop. The way it makes your butthole repeatedly expand and retract can heighten the euphoric feeling during the climax.

Tinted or clear; short or long; hot or cold - these anal glass beads will surely make your bed routines more daring and bold! Feel free to browse through this sparkly collection and get your glass beads today!

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