Metal Anal Beads

Do you know how many percent of women fake their orgasms every time they are having sex? 26 percent. That's a pretty alarming rate of unsatisfied pussies. And most of the time, women choose to give half-assed oohs and ahhs because they wanted the sex to end, and they feel tired.

Sex is a wonderful thing. It's an activity one should not get bored of, more so, get tired of doing. If your partner often trades sex for sleep, then maybe you're doing it all wrong. Chances are, it has become more of a routine rather than something you both look forward to. Or you've been doing the same foreplay over and over that it has become predictable. In any way, you should always be on the lookout for other positions to do and new things to try.

There are many ways to a woman's heart. Sure, the route towards her pussy is the direction most guys go for—but have you tried winning her heart by going through the backdoor? Anal play is still a taboo for some because of many reasons. One major factor why people shy away from its idea is that they had it instilled in their minds that anal sex is painful. That's a lie. Diddling your derriere can get you puking rainbows if done properly.

Well, today is your lucky day because we're laying all our good cards down. We give you, our Metal Anal Beads Collection! Browse through our selection of ass candies made of stainless steel. They're carefully handpicked to cater to the whims of those who are left with their holes unhappy. Here you'll find everything—from the usual graduated beads to the colossal rectal dilators. The possibilities are endless; it's your butt that's going to draw the line.

We've got double-ended devices. You can also find anal beads that are connected to chains and floggers. This collection features a wide array of vibrant-colored ass bling—with embedded jewels, with attached furry tails, with a tapered head, and even with screw-like ridges!

Hold your horses and hear us out. While most people get intimidated by having something hard and solid up in your ass, metal is by far one of the best choices for anal beads. Even Sir Alessandro Volta himself thought of metal to have a "certain power of setting the electric fluid in motion."

Anal sex enthusiasts favor metal anal beads over other materials due to its characteristics. As they are rigid, it is the perfect weapon of choice for pressure play. You can aim and press your partner's G-Spot from behind, maybe while banging her or using a vibrator on her clit. Many nerve endings are situated in our butt, so stimulating all of them with a hard object is always a good idea.

Another thing to consider why you should opt for a metal butt hardware is because it conducts heat. You can experiment with incorporating temperature in your lovemaking sessions. It's up to you whether you want it warm or cold. The device's overall feel against the sensitive flesh of your partner's inner walls will surely lead to an out-of-this-world orgasm.

Ask anyone who loves their ass played with, and they will tell you that plugging in does not excite them so much as pulling out. This is true in whatever kind of anal beads you select. But if you're down to get all naughty and dirty, you'll know that a little lube goes a long way. So, in this case, use a lot. Fortunately, metal sex toys are compatible with all kinds of lubricants you can think of. If all these do not convince you to go for it, we don't know what else will.

Take this as a sign. Buy from our Metal Anal Beads Collection, and your woman will never have to fake another orgasm again.

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