Let’s Talk Male Sex Toys — Are They Creepy? Should Men Use Them?

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Adult toys for men have been around for a while now, and men of all sexual orientations are enjoying them. But there’s a social stigma attached to them...

The Taboo Surrounding Male Sex Toys

The Sex Toys For Men Club has only one rule: never talk about it. Some men would rather die than admit to owning a sex toy. If you skim through any online forum discussing men exploring their sexuality and bodies via sex aids, you will encounter a lot of bias and judgment. Many women comment that they would consider their partner deviant and kinky if they were to use sex gadgets. Similarly, most of the male forum visitors would call fellow men who use them gay.

But, what makes male usage of sex aids so unusual and shameful? It’s no secret that men enjoy masturbation, so why not spice it up a bit with new male sex toys on the market?

When male sex gadgets first appeared, they had homosexual men as their audience. After all, gay men were always the ones to take away the shame out of shameful when it comes to exploring their sexuality. So, men who take pride in their masculinity and macho persona still believe that using something other than your hand to get yourself off is a sign of homosexuality.

Also, women’s predominantly negative opinions of men who use sex aids only fuel the prejudice that only women can talk about sex toys and take pride in using them.

Male Sex Toys Look Wierd

Male sex toys are often called out for looking rather weird. When someone mentions these pleasure giving tools, the first idea that comes to mind is the infamous blow-up doll. However, things have come a long way from that point.

Yes, the majority of erotic toys are created to resemble female anatomy. So, they come in the shape of mouths, butts, and vaginas. Many consider these personal pleasure toys creepy because they look so realistic.

With the intent to maximize the realness of sexual experience for their customers, the sex industry created sex robots, in both male and female form. However, many believe it is unethical to buy something that seeks to emulate an entire person.

While the true-to-life looks of these sex gadgets may be off-putting to some, they can also attract a vast clientele that enjoys authentic and realistic sex play.

Many buyers can enjoy a plethora of high-tech adult toys made of glass, metal, or silicone. The silicone toys are the most popular for their lifelike usage effect and durability.

The prices of these nifty sex gadgets can vary from five to hundreds of dollars. You can pick and choose among them to enhance your sexual experience! So do not shy away from being sex-positive and try out some of these fantastic products.

Men Should Use Sex Toys and Here’s Why

Apart from offering a unique, realistic sexual experience, sex toys can be beneficial to you in many ways. First, by experimenting with your body, you can discover what feels good, or what gets you going in the sack.

While searching for new erogenous zones and learning how to stimulate them, you will learn a great deal about your sexuality. Knowing what turns you on and stimulates you sexually can enhance any type of sexual encounter you may have. Sex gadgets help you understand better your sexual desires, which makes you more empathetic to your partner’s sexual needs and expectations. So it is a win-win situation, guys.

Trying out a sex toy as a couple is a great way to increase your intimacy. Try to encourage your partner to try out a new form of sex play. Do not look at it as a sign of dissatisfaction with your current sex life. On the contrary, it can open an entirely different chapter of your partnered sexual experience. Think of it as a new adventure that you both embark on. Give it a go and discover more about your sexual identities.

Try visiting a sex shop together and think of it as a form of foreplay. If you put some sex gadgets in the mix, you will not jeopardize your sex life but enrich it by a new bold experience.

If you decide to venture on some erotic toys, you will get the opportunity to find out what turns your partner on. Consequently, you will both enjoy the intricacies of the process. All in all, understanding and knowing more about your partner’s body will do wonders in the sheets and your entire relationship.

Alone but Not Forgotten

If you are a man who enjoys flying solo, masturbator toys can benefit you in many ways.

By using adult toys, you will learn that there are other ways to achieve sexual gratification than the old-school penis stimulation. You can try out some prostate stimulators or prostate massagers and find out that that is a great way to induce massive orgasms.

If you are worried about not getting or losing your erection during intercourse, adult toys can be a great way to build your confidence. For example, vibrating cock rings with their different vibration patterns can help you delay orgasm or help you stay hard after it.

It is widely known that masturbation helps you relieve stress and increase endorphin levels in your body. So, the usage of masturbator toys can improve your overall mental health.

In conclusion, people should understand why men masturbate. Please do not think that this is a shameful activity. There is a common misconception that men only masturbate because they do not have a sexual partner. It is high time that we break this ridiculous taboo. Men masturbate to relieve the tension, to get to know their body, or just because it feels good.

Even More Reasons Men Should Use Sex Toys

Apart from being beneficial to men’s mental health, erotic toys can be a powerful ally in fighting certain physical conditions.

A lot of men have erectile dysfunction, and some adult toys can help with it. For example, many penile suction devices can help you get an erection. Others, who cannot keep their erection as long as they would like to, can opt for strap-ons to have penetrative intercourse with their partners.

Individuals who ejaculate prematurely can try out masturbation sleeves. They are a perfect way to practice delayed ejaculation. Constriction rings can also make your erection last longer and delay your orgasm.

Those who experience a lack of libido or post-surgical problems with their intimate parts can find a solution to their problem in trying out some adult toys. One of the vastly used sex devices in cases like this is the penis pump.

At first, this vacuum pump can feel a bit uncomfortable. First, you should put its tube over the head of your penis. Then place the ring around the base of your penis. And then you will feel the vacuum suck out air from the tube, which will get you an erection.

Another advantage of personal pleasure toys is their safety. With male masturbation toys, there is no risk of getting an STD. The same goes for toys for women. Also, the sex gadget will get you off without causing performance tension and anxiety that you may experience in a real sexual encounter.

It’s Healthy!

It is vital to mention that individuals who enjoy masturbating with sex toys are usually more inclined to take care of their sexual health. While they are exploring how to masturbate better with erotic toys, people often discover that they might have a health concern. When detected early, many health conditions can be nipped in the bud. Adult toys can literally save lives, people!

Male masturbation aids that function as prostate stimulators are an important ally in fighting men’s greatest health threat- prostate cancer. Prostate massage relieves the tension in the prostate muscles and nerves. It also eases blood circulation in the prostate area by cleansing it. So, by enjoying multiple orgasms and massive ejaculations at the same time, you’ll be taking measures against a serious medical condition.

The impact of masturbation on the mental balance is huge. The correlation between male orgasms and both mental and physical health is undisputed. Masturbating to your favorite sex aid can improve your brain and memory function. Also, men who masturbate tend to look younger and enjoy better sleep.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, men should absolutely use sex toys. As you can see, the benefits are numerous. Apart from offering great ways to explore your erogenous zones and discover new ones, erotic gadgets help treat medical conditions.

Our advice to you is that you stay open-minded and give these pleasure-inducing toys a go. Enjoy your sexy, playful adventure because you deserve it!

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