Cock Ring Sizing

An important part of purchasing a penis ring is making sure that it fits properly. It should be tight enough to restrict the penile blood flow, but not too tight as to cause damage to the penis. To deal with this, you need to have an understanding of how cock ring sizing works.

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Homemade Cock Ring

A question that comes up often with all types of sex toys is whether or not you can make your own. Some sex toys can be difficult or dangerous to fashion homemade versions, but as penis rings are so simple they are a little easier. They also don’t enter the body like many other sex toys, so there are a lot less risks with homemade cock rings.

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How Tight is Too Tight for a Cock Ring?

The primary goal of a penis ring is to restrict the blood flow out of the dick. This is done by tightly gripping onto the shaft. But how tight is too tight? It might be difficult to tell at first, but there are some clear signs that you should look out for.


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Do Cock Rings Make You Last Longer?

Men and Sex: The Battle for Endurance 

Many men want to last longer in the bedroom for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, though, their expectations are often set up to be a little too high. As a result, many men all over the world feel like they are underperforming when in fact they are usually completely average. It’s the penis length argument all over again.

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Masturbating with a Cock Ring

As a society, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to explore sex on your own as well as with a partner. Traditionally, when thinking about erection enhancements such as penis rings, they are usually viewed as something to help couples. This isn’t always the case though, as erection problems can plague men in their solo activities too.

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