Are There Animal Sex Dolls?

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Nearly all the time when people talk about sex dolls, the conversation largely focuses on human shaped dolls. While many people might like to keep their sex dolls as their own little secrets, society as a whole is beginning to become much more accepting of them. Unfortunately for some, human dolls aren’t what they’re interested in.

There are people all over the world who take much more enjoyment from animal sex dolls, and unless you find someone in the same situation it can be very difficult to be able to talk about it. Thanks to the internet though, we can all be much more honest with ourselves and not worry about what other people think. So, let’s talk about animal sex dolls.

Why do People Like Animal Sex Dolls?

If it’s something you can think of, no matter how weird or unusual it might seem, you can guarantee that there will be people into it. Animal sex dolls probably straddle that line between strange and understandable. I thought the same thing too, but after a little reading it’s not really as strange as you might think.

You probably remember as a child having a favourite stuffed toy that you always slept with at night. This toy brought you all kinds of nice feelings and generally made you feel more safe and comfortable. Many of us even keep these toys long into our adult years and still enjoy those same feelings we did when we were small children. There’s a good chance that this stuffed toy wasn’t human either but was in fact an animal!

For some people, this relationship develops even further. Rather than just cuddling and being comforted by their stuffed toys, they can become aroused by them. Over time it can develop into a fully-fledged sexual fetish where they become actively interested in having sex with these stuffed toys.

While this fetish might sound like something completely made up and not something that could actually happen, I can assure you it is completely real. Plushophilia is the sexual attraction to either stuffed toys, or people in animal costumes. It’s not as strange as you might think, and there’s no reason someone can’t find these things arousing just as there’s no reason a person can’t find feet arousing. What turns us on turns us on.

Now obviously if you’ve developed a bit of an animal fetish you can’t just go out into the street and get it on with the first Labrador you spot. For one, you’d probably get arrested, and two, the animal might not be as in to you as you are it. So how is a plushophile supposed to go about satisfying their cravings?

This is where animal sex dolls come into play. While it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to find a high-quality dog shaped sex doll, made with realistic silicone skin and fur carefully added in all the right places, it isn’t like there aren’t any options.

Types of Animal Sex Dolls

Just like with human sex dolls, the easiest and cheapest kind of doll you can buy is the good old inflatable. You’ve probably seen many different inflatable animal sex dolls, but never consciously thought about the fact that some people use them. Whether it’s a sheep, goat, cow, or anything else, most of these “novelty” inflatables are actually fitted with penetrable holes.

These basic inflatables might do the job if all you’re interested in is the idea of having sex with an animal, but most people looking for this kind of sex doll are more specifically interested in stuffed toys and the relationships they have with them.

Luckily, there’s a whole market out there for fabric based stuffed sex dolls. While it’s more common that these will still be modelled after humans (albeit with some fantasy features), you will definitely be able to find some out there that are at least animalistic, if not completely animal based.

Another great thing about fabric sex dolls is that they aren’t moulded like silicone dolls, so the creator is free to do whatever they like with them. If you can’t find the exact kind of stuffed animal you’d like to take to bed with you, then maybe you can find someone to custom make it for you. It can’t hurt to ask at least.

Creating Your Own Stuffed Animal Sex Doll

Sometimes finding a new stuffed animal to satisfy your needs just isn’t enough. There’s a stuffed toy that’s been with you through thick and thin, and no other one could replace it. You want to use this one to meet your sexual needs too.

In situations like this, it’s perfectly reasonable to turn your existing stuffed toy into a sex doll. It’s a relatively simple process which we cover in our guide. Not only does this allow you to fulfil your sexual desires but also lets you experience the same feelings of comfort and safety you’ve built up over time with a specific stuffed toy.

Animal sex dolls really aren’t what you probably first though, and they’re also not that uncommon either. Were in a prime time of sexual exploration, with many people being encouraged to explore and enjoy the things they want to, and animal dolls and stuffed toys should be no different. So, don’t be embarrassed and spend a little time shopping online. You might be surprised at what you can find.

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