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While the prostate gland has many different sexual functions, many men will only first become aware of it thanks to a health condition which is related to it. In fact, the prostate can play a role in many different parts of your health, and regularly milking it can provide a lot of different benefits.

So what illnesses do we need to be on the lookout for? And how can prostate massage help with those and other conditions? Read on to find out!

Prostate Diseases

The most obvious health concern when it comes to the prostate are prostate diseases. These are specific problems which can happen over time, and many men will experience as they become older.

Prostate cancer is the most severe of these, and affects many men all over the world. In recent years it has become even more common than breast cancer, yet received nowhere near the publicity or fundraising.

We aren’t going to give any specific advice about prostate cancer, as this should be something you discuss with your doctor. However we must emphasise that if you are suffering from prostate cancer that you should under no circumstances attempt to milk or drain your prostate yourself.

By doing this, you encourage blood flow to and from the prostate. This blood can carry cancer cells away from the prostate and into other parts of the body, causing even more problems. Similar advice applies if you have a bacterial prostate infection, as the blood flow may carry bacteria around the body and infect other organs.


While cancer is the most severe condition which can affect your prostate gland, there are many other, less severe things which become more likely as you get older. One common condition is prostatitis.

Part of the reason prostatitis is a common problem for men is that there are actually four different types. These are:

    • Asymptomatic Prostatitis: Of the four, asymptomatic prostatitis is the most unusual as there are no specific symptoms associated with it. This type of prostatitis can only be diagnosed by a blood test, so it’s important to see your doctor as soon as possible if you feel like something is wrong or painful. Leaving this untreated for too long could lead to infertility.
    • Chronic Prostatitis: Chronic prostatitis is a long term, non-bacterial illness, which has the primary symptom of just causing pain in and around your prostate gland. The pain can be present anywhere in the pelvic region, and can be caused by a variety of things such as physical trauma, stress, or even nerve damage.
  • Acute Bacterial Prostatitis: This type of prostatitis is usually caused by a buildup of bacteria in the tubes which connect your kidneys to your bladder. Acute bacterial prostatitis can cause painful or difficult urination, high temperatures, aches and pains, or chills.
  • Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: When bacterial prostatitis becomes chronic, it can last an incredibly long time. Even when you think you’ve cured it, it can disappear and reappear many times throughout your life. Common symptoms of this type of prostatitis can be painful ejaculation, urgency during urination (an early sign of urinary incontinence), or even blood in your semen.

BPH/Enlarged Prostate

The other common condition that can affect men’s prostate gland is benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH for short. It’s sometimes referred to as an enlarged prostate, as it is the non-cancerous growth of the prostate gland.

BPH is a common condition in older men, as most men’s prostate will continue growing throughout their lives. Eventually it will reach a size where it can block the tubes which send urine from your bladder to your urethra.

If the prostate is left unchecked, it can grow to the point where the flow of urine out of the body is completely blocked. When this happens, your kidneys can also be damaged.

Luckily, the treatment for BPH is relatively simple. In most cases the condition can be treated with a course of antibiotics or similar medicine. If the condition has been left untreated for too long though, you might need surgery to correct the problem.

This is why it’s so important to see your doctor as soon as you think something might be wrong with your prostate gland, and later in life have it checked regularly.

Painful or Difficult Ejaculation

While problems with ejaculation aren’t typically caused by the prostate gland, it can contribute to the larger problem. Often ejaculation problems are caused by inflammation or swelling in the muscles around the pelvic region. If your prostate is also swollen, this can place even more pressure on these muscles, making the problem even worse!

Erectile Dysfunction

Another aspect of men’s health that is indirectly affected by the prostate is erectile dysfunction. Often erectile dysfunction can be caused by poor blood flow. If the prostate is full of excess prostatic fluid, then this can make the blood flow even worse and making your erectile problems more severe.

General Swelling and Discomfort

Sometimes, just like any other part of our bodies, sometimes our prostate gland will just be a bit off. General swelling or pain can be caused by many different things, such as stress, tension, injuries, overuse, or even just generally feeling under the weather.

When the prostate isn’t in its best condition, you can often experience discomfort and pain throughout your pelvic region which can make everyday life much less enjoyable.

Can Prostate Milking Help With Prostate Problems?

While all of these problems have their own treatments, there is something we can do to help ourselves. Regularly milking the prostate gland to clear excess fluids can help with all of these illnesses.

By milking the prostate, you can release a lot of the prostatic fluid which has built up inside it. This can reduce the overall size of the prostate as well as providing numerous other benefits. It can help purge bacteria from inside, increase your blood flow in and around the pelvic region, and feel great while you do it!

While milking can help a lot to alleviate symptoms of these different health problems, the key thing to stress is that it’s much better to use it for prevention, rather than cure. The earlier in life that you start doing it, the more you can reduce the chance that you’ll be affected by any of these problems.


Prostate Exercises

The best exercise everyone can do to help their prostate is the Kegel exercise. We cover this in much more detail elsewhere on the site, but these are essentially small contractions of the pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles are all around the prostate, and if they become weakened or damaged, it can make your health worse in the entire area. Having surgery for prostate disorders can also greatly weaken the pelvic floor muscles, which can make recovery take longer, and some symptoms linger.

Performing three sets of ten kegels everyday is recommended for everyone, and can help keep the entire area much healthier.

Alongside this, maintaining a healthy body weight, and regularly exercising can also play a role in keeping your prostate healthy. Any aerobic activity is great, but cycling is one you should try to avoid.

Most of your weight is placed on perineum when you sit on a bicycle seat, which can put excess pressure on the prostate. This can aggravate any existing conditions, or possibly cause one to start.

Prostate Exhaustion

While prostate milking carries a great many benefits for your body, you have to be careful not to overdo it. If you spend too much time stimulating the prostate, it may become sore and tired. This is commonly called prostate exhaustion, and it can be very uncomfortable.

If you experience this, the best thing to do is to simply take a break! By leaving your prostate alone for a while, you give your body a chance to recover and heal. Before you know it you’ll be back to normal!

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