Twisted Natural Hemp Erotic Rope
Twisted Natural Hemp Erotic Rope

Bondage is such an ironic mechanism in the world of BDSM. You need to be tied up to experience thrill and freedom. But that’s how it works. You know what they say; you must go where you feel alive. And if it is seeking satisfaction by employing restraints, then go after it at all costs. You will only live once, and you better not waste it! So, if it is binding that you want the most, you got to have this Twisted Natural Hemp Erotic Rope.

Yes, you can easily buy a rope at hardware near you. But you have to consider that not all strings you can find there are meant to touch your skin. You have to find body-safe options like this one. It is made of jute, plant hemp commonly used in making sacks and ropes such as this product. It is an all-natural material that boasts a hypoallergenic feature. And you can also rest assured to be getting a quality cord because this is sturdy enough to offer lasting durability. So play with different bondage positions all you want. Don’t worry because this rope got your back.

Before getting tied up, talk to your partner about the positions you wish to explore. You need all the help you can get from him. Remember, you are doing this not only to satisfy his kink for thrill and exhibition but also your fetish for erotic shibari. You can do the classic damsel, hogtie, ball tie, waitress, and so much more. And there are so many options available on the internet for you to imitate. Don’t forget to discuss your limitations when it comes to bondage. Your partner must know all about it to keep you safe while playing.

So remember your body, your rule. If it’s bondage will please you to bits, then go after it. But don’t forget to go for the safe option! Have this added to your cart today!

Color Brown
Material Jute
Dimension Length: 787 inches (20 meters)
Thickness: 0.31 inch (8 mm)

Twisted Natural Hemp Erotic Rope

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