Overwhelming Slavery Plastic Cock Cage
Overwhelming Slavery Plastic Cock Cage
Overwhelming Slavery Plastic Cock Cage
Overwhelming Slavery Plastic Cock Cage
Overwhelming Slavery Plastic Cock Cage

Are you worthy enough to wear this clear cock cage? A man sometimes needs to have his cock taken away from him completely — figuratively speaking, of course. Many couples appreciate their sex life more if there's a little kink in their lifestyle. If you're here for that reason, then we've got you covered. The Cb6000 Clear Cock Cage 2.09 inches long is the twist that you've been longing for.

What makes this chastity cage unique is the urethral tube that will provide you with intense stimulation. The nerve-endings in your cock will be overwhelmed with new sensations you never thought possible. The urethral dilator is available in two sizes: 0.24 and 0.31 inches. These sizes are ideal for both beginners and experienced users. The dilator isn't as intimidating as it looks because it adds additional stimulation to your shaft.

But wait! Before you get too excited, it is essential that you and your keyholder are familiar with using a urethral dilator. We recommend using a generous amount of water-based lube before inserting the urethral tube. If you're anxious, you can completely detach it from the device.

Included in the package are a pair of keys, a separate copper padlock, some lock pins, and spacers to adjust the ring according to your size. This chastity cage is very low-maintenance. Cleaning it is as simple as wiping the device with rubbing alcohol or washing it with warm, lathered water. Try to stay away from cleaning solutions with high chemical content. A bar of mild, fragrance- free detergent is more than enough to do the trick.

Your privacy is our top priority; that's why we'll ship this product without pointing what's actually inside the package apart from a vague label, like "accessory." At the same time, your credit card statement is safe from prying eyes as we use a coded name for your transactions.

What are you waiting for? It's now or never! Order this product today and become a chastity warrior!

Color Transparent
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Plastic
Cock Cage Dimensions Length: 2.09 inches
Diameter: 1.30 inches


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Overwhelming Slavery Plastic Cock Cage

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