Studded Wet Look Leather Mask
Studded Wet Look Leather Mask
Studded Wet Look Leather Mask
Studded Wet Look Leather Mask
Studded Wet Look Leather Mask

There’s no doubt about it; leather is sexy. It oozes with sex appeal, which turns any wearer into a smokin’ hot guy or lady. However, leather comes with a price, a hefty price, should we say. That’s why those who have leather fetishes are willing to spend a big chunk of money to fulfill their desires.

But what about those who have the same fetish but don’t have enough cash to buy leather-made products? Don’t worry; you can still fulfill your fetish needs without breaking the bank. All you need to do is get this Studded Wet Look Leather Mask!

A product made of synthetic leather, this mask will satisfy your fetish cravings. Furthermore, it can level up your bondage play as it can deprive her of the sense of smell.

The hood is as racy as it looks. The black color gives this kinky accessory an intimidating yet sexy look. The studs, on the other hand, make this hood even more erotic. It will turn you on once you see your person wearing this on his head. And that’s not all; it has a string at the back meant to ensure security and adjustability. Wear it on your sub’s head, pull it tight, and tie a knot to secure it in place. Indeed, this headpiece isn’t just for fetishists but for kinksters, too! Just make sure that your partner is up for it, and you’ve established a safe word before you put this on his head.

Like any other leather product—be it fake or real—this mask needs to be cleaned after each use. Wipe its surface down with a wet cloth, followed by a dry one. Be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, moisture, dust, and of course, prying eyes.

Fulfill your fetish needs and kinky fantasies with this Studded Wet Look Leather Mask. Grab one now!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable

Studded Wet Look Leather Mask

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