Anonymous Pauper Gimp Mask
Anonymous Pauper Gimp Mask
Anonymous Pauper Gimp Mask
Anonymous Pauper Gimp Mask

Anonymous Pauper Gimp Mask

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You can't deny how fond you are of your Sub's gorgeous face. Your submissive partner is an expressive lover with striking features that will make any man come to her. Her face is not the problem; how you become weak as a Dom when she cast that spell on you is your primary concern.

You want to be the strict Dom that she wants, but with an appearance like hers, you can't seem to control yourself. BDSM is all about authority, but at the same time, it is an expression of your sexuality. Take that command back with an accessory that will strip her of her aesthetic power over you.

Grab hold of the Anonymous Pauper Gimp Mask, and you won't ever feel feeble again. This kinky accessory is a leather-made mask suitable for both amateurs and experts alike. Its material is PU leather, a versatile fabric, soft on the skin with durability like no other. You can secure the mask with its easy lace locking system at the back portion. This mask is an adjustable item, making fit and comfort achievable.

Additionally, the mask features eye holes as well as a mouth opening. It is not totally impairing but, it will do the job of depriving your Sub of some of her face sensoria. Another benefit of this mask is that you won't see her facial features making each experience brand new. She will relish each whip you make as you lose yourself in the pleasure of thrashing her like a sadistic Dom! The loss of her visual advantage on you will help you objectify her as a Sub.

Unhinged emotions may mean passion, and at times, rough play. Ensure you assign a safe word or a gesture that will halt the encounter when things are a bit intolerable.

Moreover, after-care is essential for a hygienic practice. Wipe the parts of the mask with a disinfectant and then store this on shaded storage.

Don't let a pretty face rule you. You are a Dom, so better make your mark!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Adjustable