Stainless Tower Jeweled Butt Plug 4.72 Inches Long


Amplify your anal play experience by using the Stainless Tower Jeweled Butt Plug 4.72 inches long. If you are prepared to add an amazing toy that can bring more pleasures and sensations to you or your partner during anal stimulation, then you don't need to look far and wide! The answer can be found in this sleek silver butt plug!

With its stainless steel finish, this ultra-sleek butt plug is very easy, safe, and comfortable to use! If you are worried about using this erotic anal toy, don't be! It is made from a non-porous and body-safe material. The plug has a very smooth exterior, thus will lessen the risk for cuts and injuries on your orifice.

If you are considering this adorable device, you would probably notice that at the end of the plug is a jewel that's either red, purple, blue, or green. This detail certainly adds some charm to your butt plug. Another notable feature that you would be seeing is that there are ridges on the plug — these range from 0.90 inches to 1.34 inches in size.

Before using the butt plug, make sure you have your favorite lubricant ready. You will be needing it before inserting the silver-colored butt plug. As this is made of stainless steel, any variety of lubricant will work. Apply a copious amount to your plug, and you're golden.

If you wish to take things even further, you can try soaking it in either hot or cold water. The stainless steel butt plug will absorb the hotness or coolness of the water. If you insert it, the change in temperature of the Stainless Tower Jeweled Butt Plug 4.72 inches long has will definitely enhance the sensations that the body is feeling!

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Plug:  Silver

Gemstone:   Red, Purple, Blue, Green

Type Butt Plug

Handle:  N/A

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:   N/A

Plug:   4.72 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:  0.98 inches x 1.18 inches x 0.90 inches x 1.34 inches