Skin-Friendly Japanese Sex Rope
Skin-Friendly Japanese Sex Rope
Skin-Friendly Japanese Sex Rope

Shibari is the art of bondage that originated in Japan. This type of stint has long been used not only for meditation but also to experience sexual pleasure. Unlike any other style of restraints, the shibari focuses solely on the use of rope.

Going through this binding process may not be easy. But it builds intense intimacy between the rigger and the receiver. So if you and your partner want to try this BDSM practice, better secure the Skin-Friendly Japanese Sex Rope for preparation.

Based on the product name, you can expect this rope to be completely body-safe. You can lay your guards down because this rope will leave your partner unscathed and free from irritations. Its linen base material makes it soft and smooth. It will help your partner find comfort amidst the bondage struggle.

What makes shibari different from the other types of restraints like cuffs, pillory, sleep sack, and others is its versatility. With the use of rope, you and your partner can explore different binding positions. This type of bondage will test your receiver’s strength and your creativity as a rigger. But since you are a beginner on this journey, you can search the internet for the basic ties you can try with your submissive.

As with any BDSM activities, you have to discuss all you wish to pursue with your partners. Always remember that epic results come to those who plan things out. Make sure that your receiver knows your expectations so she can prepare herself for that. Talk to her about your rules, and in return, list down all her limitations. Assign safe words she can use to warn you about getting beyond her boundaries. With everything that you do, always consider communication as the key to your shibari success.

So start your shibari journey today. Add this to your cart now!

Color White
Material Linen
Dimension Length: 10 meters
Width/Diameter: 0.28 inch (7 mm)

Skin-Friendly Japanese Sex Rope

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