Shiny Metal Butt Plug With Pull Ring 2.83 to 4 Inches Long

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Put the ring on your finger and give your hump a blow with every thrust by using this Shiny Metal Butt Plug With Pull Ring 2.83 to 4 Inches Long! This shiny and smooth anal toy will take you to the new level of sexual heights as you stuff it inside your or your lover's hollow entrance.

The Shiny Metal Butt Plug has everything you need in an anal sex toy. Its narrow tip and thick bulb head will push the fuck tunnel to its limits as these features will give it a dramatic stretch! Hence, it prepares your or your partner's ass for the "bigger guest" as it enters the hole. Meanwhile, the round base ensures that the plug stays in place while shoved up the ass. This allows the user to move with ease while doing different sexual positions.

But what makes these plugs unique from other versions is that these metal-based anal toys have a hole underneath the base. This part is where the screw-like ring is inserted. This loop will enhance your anal play as it lets you move the plug around the love tunnel without holding the bottom of the toy, leading to better orgasms.

This one-of-a-kind device is available in three gradually increasing sizes. Choose a toy that fits you and your partner's ass perfectly for more intense sexual pleasure.

Moreover, these plugs are ideal for temperature play, as they are made from stainless steel. This smooth and durable material can adapt to cold and heat and is compatible with all types of sex lube.

So, why get the usual butt plug when you can have a unique one like our Shiny Metal Butt Plug With Pull Ring 2.83 to 4 Inches Long? This toy will make your sex games and routines more exciting!

Color Silver
Type Butt Plug

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless Steel


Length handle: N/A


Small: 2.83 inches

Medium: 3.43 inches

Large: 4.09 inches


handle: 0.63 inches


Small:1.22 inches

Medium: 1.38 inches

Large: 1.77 inches