Red Furry Sex Restraints
Red Furry Sex Restraints
Red Furry Sex Restraints
Red Furry Sex Restraints
Turn your boring bed into an erotic dungeon in a flash. Feel your sex life change for the better as you slowly leave the vanilla world. Whether you're the one who enslaves, or you're the slave, there's no denying that bondage can bring back the loud moans in your bedroom. But don't get tangled by using tools that aren't fit to do the job. Instead, you should get these Red Furry Sex Restraints and change your gray bed routines into crimsons of orgasms.

The feeling of being in control or being controlled is somewhat like an aphrodisiac. It inflicts both fear and excitement at the same time. And if you're looking into experimenting in the world of bondage, using these Red Furry Sex Restraints are your best bet. This scarlet beauty is an under-bed restraint. The straps go under the mattress, so your bed looks neat, and there'll be no straps that will get in the way of your lovemaking. The straps are lightweight and sturdy as the material is nylon. These straps are adjustable and will fit different bed sizes.

As for the cuffs, they'll feel soft and comfy around the wearer's wrists and ankles because they are padded and has synthetic fur throughout. The cuffs can also adjust according to the tightness of your preference. Using the cuff's D-ring, you can attach the straps with their lobster-claw clasps. This design will also allow you to use the cuffs with other chains or leashes.

To keep these restraints as fresh and as clean as new, you can soak them in a basin with a mixture of water and mild soap. Do so for about thirty minutes, then rinse it thoroughly. Do not wring and hang them up to dry.

These furry restraints are also very handy. You can take it with you as you travel so you can enjoy the thrill of bondage, anytime, anywhere! Add this set to your cart now!


Color Red
Material Nylon
Synthetic Fur
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Adjustable


Red Furry Sex Restraints

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