Punishment in Leather Holy Trainer

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Take a break from your BDSM fantasies and turn them into reality with the help of Punishment in Leather Holy Trainer! If you want to slay both in and out of the bedroom, then you need this ultra-chic cock cage in your life!

If you are aiming to stop yourself from falling into carnal temptations, then submit yourself to the power of the Punishment in Leather Holy Trainer. It is made from 'bicast' leather or polyurethane material. Bicast is a type of leather that undergoes a unique manufacturing procedure, making it more resistant to heat and cold. It is highly adjustable. It will and will go unnoticed under any clothing or garment so you could strut around discreetly.

If you dissect this holy trainer, there are several parts that you need to assemble together. The first one is a black cock cage that combines bi-cast leather, stainless steel rings, and studs. It also comes with two leather cuffs. Put these all together and lock it using a small brass padlock. With its design, the magnificent device is able to constrict the cock and give it the ventilation it needs.

If you want to maintain the quality of this device, then you have to remember how to keep it clean. If you don't want the leather to dry out or to ruin it, you can use 70% rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. These solutions can disinfect your leather cock cage. It also gets rid of smell and residue such bodily fluids.

Once you are done soaking this leather cock cage, dry it thoroughly! To ensure that you can use the Punishment in Leather Holy Trainer for a long period of time, you can also use a leather conditioner.

Color/Type Black
Material Bicast Leather
Ring Dimension (inches) Diameter: N/A
Cock Cage Dimension (inches) Length: N/A Width: N/A