Pleasure Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamps Set

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After indulging yourself with amazing Lovegasm manual nipple clamps, it's time to up your game with our Pleasure Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamps Set. It works like regular nipple clamps but packs a surprise with its with battery-powered vibration feature.

This battery-operated set does not only include a pair of nipple clamps; it also includes a cock ring and a urethral sound made of high-quality silicone for a full show of pleasure that will certainly please you. It's indeed not your ordinary set of sex toys as you can choose from the options to enable Pulse, Numb, Absorb, and Auto features that will suit your taste.

Celebrate your sexuality as our Pleasure Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamps Set do its magic to stimulate your nipples, urethral wall, while the cock ring keeps you hard. Tell yourself to go further and that you will be rewarded with great pleasure when you indulge with this Lovegasm's topnotch product.

Keep in mind that you must be fully relaxed before you start using this device. Make sure to sanitize the urethral sound, your hands, and your cock to avoid any infection. Then, apply a generous amount of lubricant on your pee hole, and on the shaft of the sound.

Next, with your cock still flaccid, slowly insert the sound and notice that you are slowly getting aroused. Once you are rock hard, you can wear the cock ring to maintain its hardness.

Finally, wear the nipple clamps and feel its sensation as it restricts the blood flow in your nipples. If you think it's all over, you are mistaken. Did you forget the remote that controls its vibrate feature? This is the part where you take control of your pleasure until you reach a satisfying huge load of cum.

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Color Silver/Black
Material ABS, Silicone, Metal
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Urethral Sound: 10.43 in.


Urethral Sound: 0.24 in.
Weight: N/A