Nuts and Spikes Male Chastity Devices 1.57 inches long

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If power play in the bedroom is your thing, then perhaps you have tried using different types of sex toys to amp the ante. If you are looking at taking things to the next level, you can always try using a Male Chastity Device! One of the best ones that you could get out there is the Nuts and Spikes Male Chastity Device 1.57 inches long.

When you first lay your eyes on the Nuts and Spikes Male Chastity Device 1.57 inches long, it might look pretty simple. However, its potentials are unleashed once it is worn! In order to make the most out of it, you need to know what exactly you are getting into.

There are three notable items that you would be getting with this stunning device. You would be getting the 1.57 x 1.30-inch cock cage. It also comes with one cock ring and a brass padlock with two rings. Both the cock cage and its cock ring are made of stainless steel. This kind of material is non-toxic and non-porous. It's 100% body-safe, which makes it an ideal sex toy for you to use! When it comes to the cock ring, you have three size options to choose from. Choose from the following - 1.57, 1.77, 1.97. You are allowed to pick one size, so make sure you get the right size for you!

When you are about to use the Nuts and Spikes Male Chastity Device 1.57 inches long, you would see that it does not fully cover the cock. However, once you have it on and have managed to secure it using the brass lock and key, you would be able to savor the moment!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension (inches) Diameter: 1.57, 1.77,1.97
Cock Cage Dimension (inches) Length:1.57
Width: 1.30