Christmas Nipple Clamps

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Throw-in a taste of Christmas into your lovemaking, and inspire your partner to do more "giving". Get these Christmas Nipple Clamps and see how they can turn each night into a holiday.

Who says Christmas balls are only meant for Christmas trees? These Christmas Nipple Clamps are specially designed for nipples only, to make them look more vibrant and perky.

We understand that the idea of getting your sensitive areas pierced is like taking it too far for some. It's a good thing that nowadays, there are nipples clamps that can be worn which do not require any nipple piercing at all.

Weighing 0.01 lb., these sweet, adorable little accessories are made of stainless steel. A 0.59-inch apple-shaped ornament is dangling from each of the rings. Embedded with rhinestones, these juicy-looking apples will look more sumptuous as they swing loosely along with your breasts. Each has a total length of 2.09 inches. You'll also receive two sets of rings, one pair measures 0.47 inch in diameter and the other one measures 0.35 inch in diameter.

Due to these rings' squeezing effect around your teats, your sensation in the breast area will be amplified. You'll get deeper into the mood, leading to a more explosive orgasmic release.

For easier insertion, get your nipples taut and erect by gently massaging your breasts. Once your teats are ripe and ready, gently wear the nipple rings around them. Lightly squeeze the rings and make sure they have quite a good grip around the nipples, this is to make sure that they will stay secure. Keep the pressure enough to give you pleasure without any intolerable pain.

How do ya like ‘em apples? Pretty tempting, right? So wait no more and add these to your cart now!