Humongous Silicone Butt Plug 3.74 to 5.31 Inches Long

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Are you an experienced butt plug user, and you want to take the big guns? Take a look at our Humongous Silicone Butt Plug 3.74 to 5.31 inches long! This gigantic silicone-based plug is enough to satisfy your growing sexual appetite. 

If you are using anal plugs for a long time, it is but natural to seek an upgrade. For some, that means upsizing the toy to a larger one. Larger butt plugs mean having an even fuller feeling than the size you'd normally use.

Our Humongous Butt Plug comes in three different plus sizes, which are perfect for advanced anal plug users. This butt plug is made of a hundred percent non-toxic Silicone.

Its soft and smooth texture is specially designed for easy insertion and to avoid any sign of pain or discomfort when in use. The large-sized butt plug has a dimension of 3.74 by 2 inches.

Meanwhile, the extra-large plug measures 4.53 by 2.44 inches. Lastly, the double-extra-large butt plug has a length of 5.31 inches and a diameter of 2.83 inches. It even comes in two color choices, black and pink. You just have to choose the perfect measurement and size that fit your taste and your needs.

Even professionals still need lube for flawless insertion, so make sure to apply lubricant onto your butt hole liberally. Have fun and massage yourself from the inside using the enormous plug. After using it, you can just wash it with soap and water. Keep it in a dry and cool place as it awaits your next use. 

Are you up for the challenge, and you’d like to use a plus size butt plug for a change? Go ahead and add this Humongous Silicone Butt Plug 3.74 to 5.31 inches long to your cart now.

Color Black, Pink
Type Butt Plug

Handle: Silicone

Plug: Silicone



L size: 3.74 inches

XL size: 4.53 inches

XXL size: 5.31 inches


L size: 2 inches

XL size: 2.44 inches

XXL size: 5.31 inches