Heart-Shaped Stainless Steel Gold Butt Plug 2.76 Inches Long


Imagine this. Your boyfriend is coming over, and he likes it when you dress naughty. You have the perfect outfit ready, why not spice things up a bit more with our Heart-Shaped Stainless Steel Gold Butt Plug 2.76 Inches Long? Because nothing says I want you better than a glittering jewel lodged firmly in your second most favorite love hole, right?

Fulfill the visual fantasy of your sex partner when he bends you over, and he sees this gorgeous heart-shaped butt plug. The eye-catching metal is smooth and intricately shaped for pain-free insertion and comfortable wear.

Its diameter is a little more than 1 inch, while the total length of the entire butt plug is 2.7 inches. The flared base features a shiny piece of jewelry, the color of which you can choose of purchase – blue, pink, silver, purple, or orange.

Add a hint of luxury and class to your usual anal sex routine with this memorable device, handcrafted to fit snugly between your butt cheeks. Use it during lovemaking or by yourself as you go about your daily routine. It’s designed to stay in place and provide you with the delectable feeling of being full without the hassle of it popping out at any given time.

This beautiful Heart-Shaped Stainless Steel Gold Butt Plug is small, and at first, you may not notice its presence, but the longer it stays inside of you, the more aware you’ll be of its metal weight as it applies pressure on your vaginal walls.

When used during sex, it will intensify senses, the feeling of flick and thrust from your partner, making climax infinitely more satisfying and explosive.

Don’t let your inhibitions get the better of you, go ahead and know yourself as intimately as you can with the help of our Heart-Shaped Stainless Steel Gold Butt Plug 2.76 inches long.

Color Gold with a choice of Blue, Pink, Silver, Purple or Orange Jewel
Type Butt Plug
Material Stainless Steel


handle: N/A
plug: 2.7 in


handle: N/A
plug: 1 in