Gunmetal Pear-Shaped Jeweled Metal Butt Plug 3.54 Inches Long

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Tired of the same old regular butt plugs? Do you wish that there was something you could do to experience something new? Are you starting to get bored with your usual butt plugs?

We have something way different in mind. With our Gunmetal Pear-Shaped Jeweled Metal Butt Plug 3.54 Inches Long, we are going to introduce to a different set of butt plugs that are out of the norm but still able to deliver the best anal stimulation of your life.

The first thing that you will notice about these plugs is their color. Each plug is made from a high-quality metal material that's rust-free and medical grade. The plugs are colored with a shiny and beautiful gunmetal black hue, which is far different from your usual silver stainless steel.
No concerns about the product, we made sure that the plugs we deliver to you are safe to use for anal play. We also see to it that our plugs are smooth to the touch and look flawless.

Even a single tiny imperfection such as a nick or a rough edge would make the plug too dangerous to go in your body. Our team makes sure that this should be the least of your problems, so you can focus on having fun with it.

For every butt plug from Gunmetal Pear-Shaped Jeweled Metal Butt Plug 3.54 Inches Long, you get a 3.54-inch full-length pear-shaped butt plug. If you prefer something different than the regular teardrop shape, then this is the right one for you. The flat base handle is never going to be something ordinary.

It's adorned with a big jewel that covers the entire base, so you not only have a handle for better grip, but you also have something to flaunt with when it's up in your butt. Don't delay! You can get a completely new experience if you get this plug right now!

Color Gunmetal Black Plug; Red, Purple, Pink Jewels
Type Jeweled Plugs
Material Metal


handle: N/A

plug: 3.54 inches full length


handle: 1.18 inches

plug: 1.18 inches