Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar
Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar
Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar
Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar
Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar
Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar

Don't let your little girl go out of style. Instead, make her more adorable in your eyes. Our Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar is overloaded with cuteness, but it can also punish her when she needs a taste of some pain for obedience training.

Available in purple and blue, this delightful collar will surely suit your little girl's lovely, flawless neck. The choice is yours, not hers. Handcrafted from genuine leather, this collar is a luxury that doesn't come with a hefty price tag. With a modest and classic style made elegant with golden metal hardware, this collar fulfills every Dom's kinky fantasy.

At the center hangs a heart-shaped padlock that signifies you own her dearly. An O-ring encircles the padlock. Hook a leash into this ring and lead her into kinky, sexy encounters while teaching her obedience. All the metal hardware is gold-plated for extraordinary aesthetics.

The leather strap has several punch holes for adjustability. Buckle it like you'd wear a belt to secure it around her neck. Perfect for pet play as well, train her to lick and suck your dick, or make her follow every command to satisfy your sexual desire. The collar is sturdy and can withhold resistance. So go ahead and control her by the collar and tug her to make her obey your wishes.

Make this collar last as it symbolizes your dominance and her submission. Since it's genuine leather, it needs proper care and maintenance. Apply leather cream onto its surface to keep it from drying out and cracking. You can also use a damp cloth (sans soap) to clean it.

Show your dominance, Daddy, because your little girl can get very naughty. Make her follow your lead and make sure she doesn't disobey. Buy the Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar and experience more kinky sex soon!

Color Blue, Purple
Material Leather
Dimension Length:
Collar - 11.42 inches-15.35 inches
Pendant – 2.36 inches
Width/Diameter: Adjustable


Golden Kawaii Heart Locking Collar

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