Finger G-Spot Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug 2.36 Inches Long


Erotic toys have been used by couples worldwide for many centuries. These toys have enhanced relationships, especially in the sexual department.

One of the unique and most popular erotic toys is the butt plug. Butt plugs are toys that are inserted in the anus for preparation for anal sex.

Have you tried one of these butt plugs before? If it is your first time to try the butt plug, then we have the product just for you!

We introduce you to our Finger G-Spot Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug 2.36 Inches Long. You can choose among the three different colors: Pink, Purple or Blue. This deluxe product consists of a hollow butt plug, in which you can insert your finger or a mini-vibrator that comes along with the package.

Our butt plug is made of the highest-grade silicone and ABS material to ensure your health and safety. You would not want to insert products with harmful chemicals in your butt, right?

Moreover, the mini-vibrator is made of electroplated metal and is powered by three button-sized batteries. These types of batteries can easily be purchased in your hardware stores.

The vibrator has a streamlined and waterproof design for your convenience. In addition, this vibrator has a black on and off switch on top to turn on the action.

Furthermore, this vibrator can be inserted inside the butt plug itself or you can use it to stimulate your clitoris, nipples, or vagina for maximum stimulation of your nerve endings. This is perfect for your masturbation sessions since you can have the butt plug.

Color Pink, Purple, Blue
Type Butt Finger Plug, Vibrator
Material Handle: ABS, Silicone
Plug: ABS, Silicone
Vibrator: Electroplated Metal


handle: Not Available
plug: 2.36 inches
vibrator: 2.28 inches


handle: 1.28 inches
plug: 0.98 inches
vibrator: 0.67 inches