Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads
Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads
Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads
Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads
Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads
Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads

If you’re bored by beginner-friendly beads, maybe you have an acquired taste for anal sex. Maybe you’re looking for something big to occupy your ass. Maybe you want to be pounded hard with a firm joy toy while jacking off.

Quit all the doubts and get the Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads! Don’t be fooled by the smooth, skin-like texture of this toy because this baddie likes it rough. It’s 10.43 inches long - enough to reach all the spots that turn you on. This supersized device is for people like you who want their tunnels all filled up. It has five solid balls that increase in girth as you go further.

This anal toy is specially designed for stimulation and pressure play. The creases of the beads massage your anal walls as you gently move it in and out of your buns. When you’re about to come, slowly pull it out, so you will feel your sphincter dilate from the biggest to the smallest ball. It has a long handle for secured access. The handle also makes it easy to target your prostate from the backdoor. With a liberal amount of lube, all these will give you that orgasm you’ve never felt before.

This intimacy toy is easy to clean and maintain. Submerge it in warm soapy water, lather it, rinse it, and dry it before keeping in your storage. However, to avoid contracting STIs, we advise you not to share your toys with others. If you must, be sure to put a condom on it. Silicone is a durable material, but you should dispose of your toys once they begin to show signs of damage. As with other things, proper aftercare will make them last longer.

Make the Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads a part of your sexual bliss. Order one now.

Color Purple
Material Silicone
Total Length: 10.43 inches (265 mm)
Insertable length: 6.89 inches (175 mm)
Handle: 3.15 inches (80 mm)
Beads: N/A


Extreme Dilation Gay Anal Beads

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