Erectile Correction Chastity Belt 23 inches to 43 inches Waistline

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If you take a look at some of our history books out there, it would probably tell us how chastity belts have been around for ages. Now that we are living in a more modern world, it’s still pretty much being used. For those who are into this practice, there’s one chastity belt that you should add to your collection. It’s time for you to meet the Erectile Correction Chastity Belt 23 to 43 inches waistline!

Whether you are into some sort of power and control play or into keeping yourself away from temptation, the Erectile Correction Chastity Belt 23 to 43 inches waistline is here to help you out! This chastity belt is made of both stainless steel and silicone! This wonderful combination of two non-porous and non-toxic materials are what sex toy dreams are made of! They are both free from any chemical additives and are 100% body-safe.

If you take a look at the design of this chastity belt, you would see that the belt is made of stainless steel, but it is covered with silicone. This is to protect the person wearing the belt from scratching or chaffing. Also, the belt comes in three colors- blue, black, and pink. You will surely find your perfect match.. Another detail that should be noted here is that there’s a stainless steel cock cage that comes with this belt. It has a completely closed design that allows no ventilation or stimulation.

Before you get your hands on the Erectile Correction Chastity Belt 23 to 43 inches waistline, you can decide whether you want to get the option that comes with a stainless steel anal plug. If you do get this one, be prepared for a double celebration!

Elevate your bedroom games with this amazing chastity device now!

Color/Type Black, Blue, and Pink
Material Stainless Steel, Silicone
Ring Dimension (inches)



Cock Cage Dimension (inches)


35 to 43 inches (waistline)