Elegant 12-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug 5.91 Inches Long

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Are you looking for a sex toy that can give you a mind-blowing massage from the inside? Our Elegant 12-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug 5.91 Inches Long can do that and more!

In our daily lifestyle, stress is somewhat inevitable, but people deal with it in different ways, like going to the gym, shopping, or visiting the spa. On top of these choices, we can also get rid of the tension we feel by giving ourselves an explosive sexual release. Our Elegant 12-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug can be handy in doing this for you.

This plug comes with a battery-operated remote control to help you choose the right type of speed you desire. It allows you to massage the right spots with just a few clicks; no complicated hand-work required!

This plug measures 3.94 inches. It is made of Silicone with a smooth black finish to make the insertion very comfortable. With a battery capacity of 300 mAh and voltage of 3.7V, this toy offers 12 different vibrating frequencies. It is also safe to use and is water-resistant. This butt plug also uses USB charging, so you won't have to worry about running out of power.

For a hassle-free and safe insertion, always apply a substantial amount of lubricant on the toy and the point of entry prior to insertion. Once the toy is inserted, you can enjoy infinite pleasure with the use of the remote control.
Let the massager do all the work. Relax and let it soothe your stress away. For your valuable toy to last long, always clean it after each use. Store it in a cool and dry place for safekeeping.

Life is already stressful as it is. So, if you want a sex toy that can give your orgasmic release without any physical effort, then add this Elegant 12-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug 5.91 Inches Long to your cart now!

Color Black
Type Vibrating Butt Plug

Handle: Silicone

Plug: Silicone



handle: 1.97 inches

plug: 3.94 inches


handle: 2.13 inches

plug: N/A