Disposable Plastic Shower Enema

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Preparing for a big night? Get yourself cleaned before getting nasty! Take a look at our Disposable Plastic Shower Enema. This portable shower enema can clean you up and get ready for yet another sex-capade!

Keeping our hygiene, especially our private areas, is a “must” especially for people who like to play it dirty and mess around with sex toys. After all, we do not want to turn our partners off with even just a tiny hint of an awkward smell.

With our Disposable Shower Enema, getting you freshened up is easy. What’s great is that it can be used as a vaginal or anal cleaner. This plastic shower enema is made of Polyethylene and has a capacity of 200 ml. The accordion bottle measures 2.36 by 3.70 inches with a nozzle that is 3.15 inches long.

To use it as a vaginal cleaner, you need to lay down. However, to use it as an anal cleaner, it is recommended to have the bowel emptied before using it for the best results.

Wash your hands thoroughly before starting the procedure. Lie down on the left side of your body with your left leg extended. Bend your right knee, putting it close to your stomach for balance and stability. Lubricate your rectum and apply some on the nozzle's tip as well, then slowly insert it in. Gently press the accordion bottle, and empty the solution.

Once the bottle is empty, remove the bottle and make sure to dispose of it immediately. Lie in the same position for the next 30 minutes to help the solution spread thoroughly inside the bowel. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly once done.

Keeping your private area clean is an act of courtesy, not vanity. Not to mention, it will also help you stay healthy. So add this Disposable Plastic Shower Enema your cart now and have some clean and safe anal fun anytime, anywhere!

Color Transparent
Type Disposable Shower Enema

Handle: Polyethylene

Plug: Polyethylene



handle: 3.7 inches

plug: 3.15 inches


Handle: 2.36 inches

plug: N/A