Black Silicone Rectal Shower Enema 90ml to 310ml Capacity


Make your intercourse safer and desirable by ensuring your sexy backdoor clean and odor-free all the time. Our Black Silicone Rectal Shower Enema 90ml to 310ml Capacity is specifically designed to let the water flow inside your hollow entrance. This ensures that your love bum is squeaky clean and odorless before and after every sex.

Our Black Silicone Rectal Enema is perfect for those who are always on-the-go. This cleaning tool will prepare your ass wherever your sexual endeavors take you.

Our Black Rectal Enema is made from medical-grade silicone. This material is known for its flexibility. Thus, it follows the natural contours of your body, regardless of your position while cleaning your voluptuous butt.

It is also phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, making it safe to be inserted into your booty. Plus, it is easy to clean. Just soak this handy anal douche system into warm water, and you're done!

Our Silicone Rectal Enema is available in gradually increasing size of containers, ranging between 90 ml. and 310 ml. These volumes of fluid are enough to clean and prepare your ass from some wild and hot anal adventures.

Additionally, our Black Silicone Rectal Shower Enema is available in two designs: the pear-shaped containers and the jar-like bottle. These enema bulbs are squeezable, making it easier to clean your tushie. Just fill them with water, then shove the nozzles up your sexy behind to deep cleanse it.

Our Black Rectal Shower Enema is ideal for both men and women. It is also convenient to carry because of its small size. You can just put it in your bag so you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

Feel fresh and clean inside with the use of our Black Silicone Rectal Shower Enema 90ml to 310ml Capacity! Grab one now and enjoy a mind-blowing anal sexual experience.

Color Black
Type Enema Bulb

Nozzle: Silicone

Container: Silicone




310 ml: 4.72 inches

225 ml: 6 inches

160 ml: 6 inches

90 ml: 6 inches


310 ml: 5.12 inches

225 ml: 7.09 inches 

160 ml: 6.10 inches

90 ml: 5.31 inches


Nozzle: N/A


310 ml: 2.95 inches

225 ml: 3.35 inches

160 ml: 2.76 inches

90 ml: 2.36 inches