Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties
Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties
Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties
Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties
Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties
The good thing about being an introvert or a home-buddy is that you don’t need to wear a bra anymore. You know the boobies need to take a break, too—just being comfortable and unrestricted. You can’t help but wish braless days to be every day.

Well, we got a little solution for that. What better way to relax those boobies even when you’re out is to give them these Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties.

Yes, just like the chill animal inspiration of these covers, the flamingos, you can chill your boobies out with nothing but pasties. It comes in a two-piece set and color variants: red rose, yellow, black, and green. Get one pair, or if you’re feeling generous to yourself, why not get them all?

You can wear these covers anytime, anywhere as their comfort level is as high as the sky. With spandex material on its exterior, you know you can wear them all day long as they are lightweight. Indeed, offering comfort above all else.

The adhesives on these covers are reliable, too! You can expect them to stay in place even as you do strenuous activities. Furthermore, they are skin-friendly and free from toxic contents, so you can surely enjoy them all you want in peace.

Put these covers on your breasts as you wear your Sunday dress, sleeveless, or even a tight-fitting shirt. Don’t worry about screaming titties with these pasties’ centerpieces. You can depend on this pair 100% to hide your nipples.

Wash your boobies to get rid of the dirt and oil on your skin. Put the covers on, and you’re good to go! As for their removal, all you have to do is carefully peel them off of your tits. Again, tidy up your breasts by scrubbing it lightly to wipe out adhesive remnants.

Reuse these cuties as long as the adhesive works and replace them with body-safe double-sided tape or glue.

Let your boobies have a flamingo kind of day—chill and comfy. Add these nipples pasties to your cart now!
Color/Type Red Rose, Yellow, Black, Green
Material Exterior - Spandex
Interior - Medical-Grade Adhesive
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Cute Flamingo Nipple Pasties

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