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Bring pleasure to one of the most sensitive parts of your body—your nipples. Stimulate and orgasm with powerful nipple suckers, or find your perfect pleasure partner with our range of nipple vibrators. Embrace your primal side with nipple clamps which restrict bloodflow and feel intense orgasms from the pain. Any of our vibrators can double as nipple vibrators in a pinch—try one today.

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Suck, squeeze, shock and tease. Your nipples are fountains of pleasure just waiting to be tapped. Experience everything they have to offer with Lovegasm’s huge selection of nipple toys.

Why You Should Stimulate Your Nipples

Often overlooked, the nipples are just as stuffed with nerve endings as your other erogenous zones. You might find that stroking or squeezing your nipples adds an extra tingle in your penis or vagina, which can intensify sex. Some lucky people can even reach orgasm purely from nipple stimulation!

Types of Nipple Stimulation

Just like your other body parts, you have plenty of options when it comes to nipple stimulation. You might not like them all, but it’s worth trying each one at least once to see if you enjoy it.

Nipple Stroking and Nipple Teasing

The most basic form of nipple simulation is stroking and teasing. You can do this gently or vigorously, and might use it occasionally as a form of tease, or as a form of consistent stimulation. To get started, try out this kind of play with your fingers to on it’s own, or during sex.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can try using feathers , BDSM whips, bondage ropes or even nipple vibrators. Each will provide a different sensation as you rub them over your nipples.

Nipple Sucking and Licking Nipple Toys

When fingers don’t provide enough stimulation, your mouth can help. Sucking, biting and licking are all great ways to stimulate the nipples.

For solo play, there’s plenty of sex toys that can emulate these sensations. Nipple suckers may often look a bit unusual, but they go over your nipples in much the same way a pair of lips do. Some use patterns of suction in a similar way that a vibrator uses patterns of vibrations, and will feel closest to a real mouth. Others are intended to provide as much suction as you can handle, and are commonly used during BDSM sessions.

Some suckers also include a fake tongue , which will wiggle back and forth and simulate the feel of a real tongue.

Clamping and Squeezing Nipple Stimulation Toys

Once you’re used to the more basic kinds of nipple stimulation, you might want to experiment with clamping and squeezing. Both of these practises provide a much firmer sensation, and depending how far you want to take it can be used to induce pain.

There’s a huge range of nipple clamps that can help you explore this kind of play, but the most common are clover clamps , alligator clamps and clothes pin clamps. Depending on the style you go for, you might be able to adjust the pressure, or be stuck with a single level of clamping.

Another interesting toy that can give more of a squeezing sensation is a set of nipple magnets . You place one magnet on either side of your nipple, and let the natural force squeeze as they try and stick to each other.

Nipple Toys and Bondage

Beyond the basics of using nipple stimulation for pleasure, many couples enjoy adding nipple clamps and toys to their bondage sessions. In particular, extensive suction can be used a lot during BDSM play, sometimes to the point of pain, and nipple clamps may be used during bondage. Often these clamps will have chains of their own, allowing you to tug and pull on them to provide pleasure or pain, or let you tie additional bondage ropes to them for even more restriction.

Electrifying Stimulating Nipple Toy Play

Truly brave sexplorers might even venture into the world of electrostimulation . This uses a special kind of nipple toy that can carry an electric current to provide electric shocks to your nipples. You can go for low intensity shocks, which often tingle and feel pleasurable, or high intensity shocks that can be painful and are often enjoyed during BDSM play.

Staying Safe During Stimulating Nipple Toy Play

With many different styles of nipple play, there’s a risk of pain or even injury. It’s important to take care when trying this kind of play.

Whenever you’re applying any kind of pressure or suction, such as biting or squeezing, make sure the person you’re doing it to is comfortable. Don’t start immediately with tons of pressure, be gentle and work your way up to stronger sensations.

If you’re using toys, carefully inspect them before you start. Your nipples are very sensitive, so you want to make sure any sharp edges or rough areas are dealt with before you play. Most of the time this can be done with some fine sandpaper or a file.

For any particularly extreme play, such as bondage or suspending weights from nipple clamps, make sure you set a safe word before you start. This gives the person whose nipples are being stimulated a way to stop the play if it becomes too much.

Experience everything your nipples have to offer now. Start exploring with a Lovegasm nipple toy!
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