Curved Pipe Metal Chastity Device

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Restrain your man's penis in under lock and keys! Just because it's connected to his body, does not mean he owns it! His penis is all yours, so he better stay away from it until you're ready to bestow compassion. Not only that, your man must never even get hard without your approval! The Curved Pipe Metal Chastity Device will guarantee that you have full control over your man, along with his pitiful penis jostled into a dense, steel cage and his testicles bound in an inescapable ring.

Seduce your man while confined to witness pure agony as his penis attempts to erect while inside the cage! Its hollow core is designed for smooth urination while using the cage during long-term wear. Three based ring sizes can be selected for a comfortable fit around your sub's junk. This chastity toy is available in two sizes. Made with pure, high-quality stainless steel, the whole device is bulky so it can pull down his penis, the steel is also non-porous, which is effective for easy sterilization. Additionally, three different ring sizes can be selected (1.50, 1.57, and 1.69 inches) for a snug fit.

Since we value your privacy, we ship this product in discreetly. The shipping label will not indicate what's inside the package apart from "accessory." At the same time, your bank statements will only show our alias so you won't have a "chastity cage" or any sexually suggestive transactions reflected on your account. You can always shop in our store with confidence!

We also recommend cleaning this device regularly to avoid any bacterial growth, unpleasant odors, or discomfort. Just wash the chastity equipment with a mild, fragrance-free, anti-bacterial soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Wipe off excess water using a soft, absorbent towel. A hairdryer in low settings is also great to make things easier.

Embark on a chastity lifestyle escapade today! Order now to begin your journey!

Color Silver
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimensions


Short Cage:

Small - 1.49 inches
Medium - 1.57 inches
Large - 1.69 inches

Long Cage:

Small - 1.49 inches
Medium - 1.57 inches
Large - 1.69 inches

Cock Cage Dimensions N/A