Colored Hollow Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug 4.13 Inches Long

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Are you tired of the usual missionary position or the usual vaginal intercourse? Well, have you heard of butt plugs? Butt plugs are devices that you insert into your bum hole for stimulating the anus’ nerve endings in preparation for anal sex — looking to buy your first butt plug? Then, this product is made for you.

Meet our Colored Hollow Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug 4.13 Inches Long, a sex toy that will give you the utmost satisfaction! This is offered in four popular colors of rose, blue, black, and purple; there will surely be a color to suit your taste. Our butt plug also comes with a mini-vibrator inside to add more sensations to your bum. In addition, our silicone plug is not only for your butt since it can also be used as a vaginal plug.

Made of the finest quality medical-grade silicone, our butt plug is clinically proven safe for internal use. Silicone is smooth and soft, ensuring that you can easily slide it inside your butt. First-time users will not be intimidated because this toy is a breeze to clean.

Our silicone butt plug is also shaped like a teardrop with a flared bottom for your comfort and safety. Need to take a shower or swim in the pool? Don’t you worry because our butt plug is 100% waterproof!

Did we say that this set also comes with a mini-vibrator? You can insert the vibrator inside the plug or use it on your own while you stimulate your nipples, breasts, vagina, or clitoris. Slowly glide the vibrator over your partner’s body and get him on a high.

The possibilities are endless! Our vibrator can be powered by three button batteries for your convenience. It is quiet to use as it only registers to a maximum of 40 decibels.

Take charge of your sex life and order our Colored Hollow Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug now!

Color Rose, Black, Purple
Type Butt Plug, Vibrator
Material Medical-grade Silicone


vibrator: 2.13 inches
plug: 4.13 inches


Flared end: 2.40 inches
Butt plug: 1.10 inches
Vibrator: 0.67 inches