Bulb-Shaped Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 4.33 Inches Long

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 Having the right butt plug should be one of the goals of anyone who loves a little adventure in bed. You can choose among many materials depending on your desire. Then, of course, there are must-have sex tools for those who love deep, unrelenting arousal that can be delivered by a unique kind of plug. For that reason, we give you our Bulb-Shaped Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 4.33 Inches Long!

These butt plugs can be a little intimidating to look at, but they can give you the best anal massage you could ever have. Made with premium glass, these toys have that smooth surface you are looking for, as well as that lusty heftiness your ass needs.

This model also lets you choose among three sizes, enabling you to get the kind of plug you intend to play with. The bulb shape of this toy makes it a unique addition to your sex toy collection. Also, this shape gives different levels of arousal as you shove it up your ass.

The smallest plug has a length of 3.35 inches and a width of 1.57 inches. This size is the perfect way to introduce this type of shape into the ass, as it can expand your sexy behind the way you want it to.

Glass is such a great material to play with when it comes to anal fucking. It is smooth, heavy and is very elegant to look at. This material is also waterproof, so sex in the shower or tub is okay as long as you don't drop the toy.

Don't be shy when it comes to sex toys. This is one of those things where bigger is better, and of course more satisfying. Grab our Bulb-Shaped Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 4.33 Inches Long now!


Handle:  Transparent

Plug:  Transparent

Type Glass Butt Plug

Handle:  Glass

Plug:  Glass



Handle: N/A 


Small: 3.35 inches

Medium: 4.13 inches

Large: 4.33 inches


Handle:  N/A


Small: 1.57 inches

Medium: 2.05 inches

Large: 2.44 inches