Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs
Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs
Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs
Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs
Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs

You're having a quiet dinner date with your wife when she suddenly brought up a topic you never expected. She reminded you of the time when you went home from a business trip a year ago. Of course, you remembered it too. You were so eager to come home and make love with your wife. It was a very intense evening that, out of nowhere, you removed your necktie and used it to bind your wife's wrists together as you were doing the deed. She expressed how much she liked it and that she'd like to experience it again. But you want the next instance to be more meaningful, so you're here looking for a proper set of restraints for your wife's lovely wrists. Well, you're on the right page because these Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs will keep your partner's hands together with softness and safety.

This pair of handcuffs features two padded leather restraints. The material is synthetic leather - it's a material that's both friendly to skin and animals too. These cuffs have a sheet of frizzy fabric on the inside. This padded side will feel soft against your partner's skin. These straps don't have any sharp edges that can hurt or cut through her flesh, even if you adjust the lock tightly. You can put these cuffs in place by locking them using its buckle closures. And if your partner suddenly utters your safe word, you can quickly remove them too. The lobster clasps' quick-release latch can help you free your sub in a snap. You can hook these clasps to the cuffs using the D-ring attached to them. If you're both ready for it, you can upgrade and add more restraints to your play, like collar or gag. You can also use these handcuffs to make your partner's arms stretch using a metal spreader bar.

Bondage doesn't have to be ugly and uncomfortable. Even beginners can enjoy it using the appropriate restraints. So get these Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs now!


Color Black, Red
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 11.81 inches (30 cm)
Cuff’s Length: 8.66 inches (22 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.97 inches (5 cm)


Beginner Friendly Fuzzy Handcuffs

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