Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set
Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set
Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set
Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set

Your demand is simple - total submission. You want to limit your partner's movements and give her a little taste of freedom at the time of your choosing. Fortunately, your sub is as obedient as you want her to be. But in times when you need to subdue your partner, let this Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set keep her tame.

This set of restraints are as white and pure as her submission. It includes a pair of handcuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs, and a collar with a leash. Its versatile color and design will match any play you have in mind. Whether you fancy a cute pet play or an intense criminal-cop roleplay, this Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set will suppress her movements and will leave her immobile no matter hard she tries to resist.

The cuffs and the collar are of high-quality synthetic leather - this material is animal-friendly and body-safe too. These leather bands are soft and padded, so you can wrap your sub's wrists and ankles tightly without leaving a mark on her skin. You can also easily lock these leather straps using its belt-like mechanism. And because this set is white, you can use it with other accessories like a pair of fake ears or furry tail plugs, and your partner will still look aesthetically pleasing. Doing so will even make your routines more titillating and exciting.

An extreme restraint set such as this requires some responsibilities. As such, you should get consent from your partner before cuffing her hands and wrists. Similarly, a green light in place before putting a collar with a leash around her neck. Also, you can discuss your boundaries and set a safe word that either of you can use to trigger a stop or take things slowly.

Take pleasure in dominance and delve into the lust of your partner's submission. Set this up in your cart now!

Color White
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Fashionable White Leather Cuffs Set

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