Vintage Brown Leather Leg Cuffs
Vintage Brown Leather Leg Cuffs
Vintage Brown Leather Leg Cuffs

There's a certain beauty that only vintage objects possess. Their class and sophistication make you want to collect them more and more. You have a vintage watch with leather straps, a belt that looks old yet elegant, and a jacket that you love to flaunt whenever you get a chance. You've got quite a selection, but it still feels like something is missing. Because you happen to like bondage as well, your collection isn't complete without a set of restraints that match your pile of vintage things. And if you need something to stop your partner from moving her legs too much, then you better include these Vintage Brown Leather Leg Cuffs in your treasure chest.

Keep her legs still while you take over her physical desire. Do so using a tool that not only looks classy but with excellent quality. With the help of these Vintage Brown Leather Leg Cuffs, you can do whatever you like while she tries to helplessly move and wiggle with all her might.

This set of cuffs' material is high-quality leather that feels soft and flexible. These straps are thick and also skin-friendly. Because of this, you can adjust the straps as tight as you want, and these cuffs will not lash your sub's precious skin. You can lock them in using their buckle closures. There's a D-ring on each cuff, and you can use these D-rings to attach the leather strap that will keep her ankles close together. This strap has lobster clasps at each end that you can quickly connect and release. Moreover, you can use these leg cuffs without the strap and attach them to other chains or a spreader bar. Use these with other restraints like a pair of handcuffs or gag, and take your kinky play to a higher level.

Binding your sub's ankles have never been this stylish. Add more glam to your dominance, and set this up in your cart now!

Color Brown
Material Leather
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.77 inches

Vintage Brown Leather Leg Cuffs

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