Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs
Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs
Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs
Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs
Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs
Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs
Your partner has been acting naughty, and you know that she's doing it on purpose. She wants some spanking and some discipline. Acting like a brat is her annoying way to tease you to come and punish her.

Well, you shouldn't just stand there and do nothing, right? Impose your dominance. If it's a punishment that she wants, it's a punishment that she gets. And what better way to do that than to keep her still and helpless using these Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs?

You're a sucker for black leather as much as you are for bondage. However, you're the one who likes to punish and tie someone up, and you don't want to settle for flimsy and cheap restraints that break easily—all the more reason for you to get these Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs.

They may look like fashionable leather wrist bands at first look. Your partner can even wear them as a bracelet during the day, but when it's time for her punishment, all you need to do is connect these two cuffs with a metal chain. This metal chain has two lobster-claw clasps at both ends, which you can attach at each of the cuff's O-rings.

The material is synthetic leather, so you can be sure that you will have erotic fun in an animal-friendly way. The stitchings are in red, and the cuffs have heart-shaped holes that make them look chic. They lock just like a belt, so you can quickly release your sub once she utters your safe word.

Speaking of which, you and your partner must agree on a word or gesture that will let you know when things are getting too intense for her. It's a way for your sub to ask you to slow down. Having these rules will make your play more exciting yet still keeping it safe.

Punish and discipline your brat in the sexiest, most stylish way possible. You can either get a pair of handcuffs or ankle cuffs. But why settle for one pair if you can get both? Add these to your cart now!


Color Black and Red, Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Hand Cuffs: 12.20 inches
Ankle Cuffs: 14.57 inches
Hand Cuffs: 1.97 inches
Ankle Cuffs: 1.97 inches


Slave Punishment Restraint Cuffs

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