Good Things (Don't) Cum in Small Packages Plastic Cage 2.63 inches long

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People say red represents the color of desire, but we're sorry to say that your 'desire' will be securely under lock and key within this chastity device. Wouldn't that be the joy of it despite the irony? Imagine your shaft pulsing and throbbing against the hard-plastic curves of this chastity device, the sight of the keys dangling from the Master or Mistress' fingertips is already mind-boggling, knowing all the erotic details of your upcoming punishment will drive you nuts. After all, the sweetest pleasure is born from denial!

If you're a male chastity virgin, then you'll have one hell of a chastity lifestyle wearing this cock cage. It measures 2.63 inches long and includes four different sized rings — 1.49, 1.69, 1.89, and 2.04 inches. This sturdy and durable chastity device has a unique design which features perforations around the chastity toy for ventilation. It is made from a BioSource resin material which can withstand high and low temperatures. This type of material is hypoallergenic, phthalates-free, and non-toxic.

This plastic chastity cage is available in three color variants — red & black, white & green, and transparent. Whatever color you end up choosing, the device will serve its purpose of providing you with erotic pleasure!

Cleaning this cage might appear complicated but don't get too frightened. First, you must remove or disassemble the chastity device. Then, wash the plastic components using a mild, fragrance-free bar of soap and rinse off with clean water. Make sure that you avoid immersing the cage in the water for too long to protect the device's quality. Pat dry after washing using a soft, dry towel and occasionally spray it with rubbing alcohol before use.

One critical detail of this male chastity cage that we love was the elegant curved design of the device that grants your partner access to tender slithers of your shaft for whatever delightful torment they are thinking. If you're curious as to what else could happen, find out yourself when you buy today!

Color Red & Black, White & Green, Transparent
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Plastic (BioSource Resin)
Ring Dimensions Diameter:
38 mm (1.49 inches)
43 mm (1.69 inches)
48 mm (1.89 inches)
52 mm (2.04 inches)
Cock Cage Dimensions 2.63 inches